Template:2009–10 NHL Central Division standings/doc

This template was created to easily update any article with the 2009–10 NHL Central Division standings. To use this template, insert the following code:

{{2009–10 NHL Central Division standings}}

To highlight a selected team, include the parameter team, with the three letter team code. For example, to highlight the Chicago Blackhawks, insert:

{{2009–10 NHL Central Division standings|team=CHI}}

For the other teams, use:

  • Columbus Blue Jackets - CBJ
  • Detroit Red Wings - DET
  • Nashville Predators - NSH
  • St. Louis Blues - STL

If one or more of the above standings templates are used, the {{NHL standings legend}} should be included after the last standings template. For example, if the Western Conference and Central Division templates are included in an article, the following format would be used:

{{2009–10 NHL Western Conference standings}}
{{2009–10 NHL Central Division standings}}
{{NHL standings legend}}