State Border Service of Azerbaijan

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State Border Service of Azerbaijan Republic
Azərbaycan Respublikası Dövlət Sərhəd Xidməti
Banner of the State Border Service of Azerbaijan
Agency overview
Formed July 31, 2002
Headquarters Baku, Azerbaijan
Agency executive Elchin Guliyev,
Chief of State Border Service
Child agency Academy of State Border Troops

The State Border Service of Azerbaijan Republic (Lua error in package.lua at line 80: module 'Module:Language/data/iana scripts' not found.) also known as Border Guard[1] of Azerbaijan is a governmental law enforcement paramilitary agency in charge of protecting the borders of Azerbaijan.


The State Border Service of Azerbaijan was established on July 31, 2002 by the order of the President of Azerbaijan Heydar Aliyev, by taking of the border troops from jurisdiction of the Ministry of National Security of Azerbaijan.[2] The main function of the border guard is to guard the Azerbaijani borders against any illegal acts, and to prevent illegal weapons, drugs and human trafficking in the country.

Chief of State Border Service and Commander of Border Troops is General-Lieutenant Elchin Guliyev.

Other law enforcement bodies in Azerbaijan include the Internal Troops of Azerbaijan and the Azerbaijani National Guard.

Maritime Brigade (Azerbaijani Coast Guard)

The international border crossing between Azerbaijan and Georgia at Balakan.
File:Caspian patrol boat.jpg
An ex-U.S. 82-foot patrol boat of the Border Guard's Maritime Brigade

The Azerbaijan Coast Guard is an Azeri law enforcement agency which is a part of the State Border Service.[3] It has been getting U.S. Coast Guard help including the buying of a Point-class cutter.[4]

The commander is Major General Ilham Mehdiyev.[5]

The Coast Guard was established within the State Border Service by presidential order in 2005.[6] The Coast Guard’s new base was built in Türkan district of Baku within the State Program on “Technical development of security of state borders of the Republic of Azerbaijan in 2006-2010”.

The Maritime Brigade/Coast Guard has one Point class cutter, S 14 (ex Point Brower, transferred 28 February 2003), one Osa class missile boat, S 008, which has had its SS-N-2B missiles removed, 3 Stenka class patrol boats, S 005, S 006, and S 007, all with sonar and torpedo tubes removed, 1 Zhuk class patrol craft, P 222, and two 48-foot Silver Ships small craft, S 11 and S 12. (Jane's Fighting Ships 2010)

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