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  • ...the [[Wikipedia community]] checked Essjay's article changes to check for errors and debated proposals to improve the project's handling of personal identif ...ref> Later Wales changed his opinion and asked for Essjay to quit his jobs with Wikipedia and Wikia.<ref name="Cohen"/><ref name="Ratcliffe" /> Wales state
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  • ...the time knew that the Earth was like a sphere, but (correctly) disagreed with Columbus's estimate of the distance to [[India]], which was approximately o of [[Sicily]] in the late 7th century.<ref name="Serventi 2002 10">{{Citation |last= Serventi |first= Silvano |author2= Françoise Sabban |others= Trans.
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  • ...d the operator who was receiving the message what the start positions were with 12 letters that were not coded. The total number of possible start position ...ons of the same message, which was nearly 4,000 characters long, were sent with the same wheel start positions.{{sfn|Good|Michie|Timms|1945|loc = 41 The Fi
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