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  • ...mbers how to do it again when a stronger infection happens. If the vaccine works, the body can then fight off a serious infection. ...ology as it involves every level of that system. This research during the 1980s and 1990s radically changed the view of the human immune system and its fun
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  • ==The 1980s and later== ...their series, and the band appeared on Nickelodeon and MTV during the late 1980s. Nesmith mostly did not join the reunion, because of his production career,
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  • By 1980s many Tamil people of Sri Lanka were facing ethnic conflicts. Many of them f ...en modern Tamil people are able to read and enjoy these classical literary works.
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  • In the [[1980s]] Sir [[Alex Ferguson]] was the manager of Aberdeen F.C. and they won the [ *Inverurie Loco Works F.C.
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  • ...lectric Company]]'' in the [[1970s]] and ''[[The Golden Girls]]'' in the [[1980s]]. His grandfather is [[John Whedon]], a writer for ''[[The Donna Reed Show ...e is strongly for [[LGBT rights in the United States|LGBT rights]]. In his works, including ''Buffy the Vampire Slayer'', he has gay characters as both the
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  • In the 1980s, he worked for the [[peace movement]]. He [[protest]]ed against the [[Nucle ...listed in the bibliography published in 1995 by Werner Bellmann: poetical works of [[:en:Brendan Behan|Brendan Behan]], [[:en:Eilis Dillon|Eilis Dillon]],
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  • sell out. The sheer power of the shows inspired the release of two live works in 1993, Paris and Show. Immediately after the tour ended, guitarist Porl T [[Category:1980s British music groups]]
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  • ...irst from southern Italy, then other [[country|countries]]. Since the late 1980s a large [[Han]] community has settled in the city. With a [[population]] of ...''Palazzo degli Alberti'' (12th century) is home to an [[art]]gallery with works by [[Filippo Lippi]] (''[[Prato Madonna]]''), [[Giovanni Bellini]] (''Cruci
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  • Many mosques are famous works of [[architecture]]. They are often built in a style that has stayed the sa In the 1980s, the Saudi Arabian government began to pay for the building of mosques in c
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  • ...[[free software]], meaning everyone has the freedom to use it, see how it works, change it, or share it. In the 1980s, many people liked to use an operating system called [[Unix]]. But because
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  • ...Sunday]] of the [[Gregorian calendar]]. It was also the last year of the [[1980s]]. A wave of counterrevolutions ended the [[Eastern Bloc]] and the [[Cold W ...eases ''[[No Control]]'', which is considered one of the band's best known works in the history of punk music, along with its predecessor ''[[Suffer]]'', wh
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  • ...disorders with similar symptoms, but different names. For example, in the 1980s, Zhang found that in China, there was little mention of depression. However Sometimes, antidepressant medicine works better when it is used together with another drug that is not an antidepres
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  • ...[[singer]], [[songwriter]] and [[actress]]. She became popular in the late 1980s, because of her role in the Australian television soap opera ''[[Neighbours ...r [[Dannii Minogue]] is also a singer and actress, and her brother Brendan works as a cameraman.
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  • [[Category:1980s criminal comedy movies]] [[Category:1980s musical movies]]
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  • ...n Jews"]</ref> Now, he does not want to talk about his religion. Since the 1980s, he has concentrated on touring. ..."Nashville Skyline" (1969) {{ndash}} were far more mellow than his earlier works. Critics blasted the two-record set "Self-Portrait" (1970). "Tarantula," a
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  • ...pic talking too much. His fellow men don't like it. In the beginning Danny works for the local news broadcast "Canal 8". In the second season he becomes a c ...ery sensible and understanding. Because of it, it's abused his trust. Joey works as a Stand-up-Comedian. He likes to imitate comic-figure like Popeye, Bullw
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  • *''The Works''&nbsp;– Radio Ga Ga, I Want To Break Free, Hammer To Fall&nbsp;– 1984 *''[[The Works (Queen album)|The Works]]'' (1984)
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  • ...[[horse]] family ([[Equidae]]) is a good example of the way that evolution works. The oldest [[fossil]] of a [[horse]] is about 52 [[million]] years old. It The best-documented new species came from laboratory experiments in the late 1980s. William Rice and G.W. Salt bred fruit flies, ''[[Drosophila melanogaster]]
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  • Jackson won Artist of the 1980s at the American Music Awards in 2000. ...ckson. Jackson bought the animal from a [[Texas]] research facility in the 1980s. The animal was a frequent travel companion to the singer, whose attachment
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  • ...t is moral, psychological, cultural, or aesthetic, people do not call such works "pornography," but [[eroticism|"erotica."]]<ref name=MIT>{{cite web|url=htt ...ful business. Pornographic movies also become popular at this time. In the 1980s, the [[creation]] of the [[video cassette recorder]] caused a rise in the p
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