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  • [[Robert Rafelson|Bob Rafelson]] and [[Bert Schneider]] wanted to make movies, but had little [[experience]] in that. Schneider's father was president of ...:adapt|adapt]]ed what they saw in the Beatles movies, and also in American movies and television. While the Beatles were always shown as a popular, well-know
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  • ...illed many other prisoners. Sometimes, they brought the escaped prisoners' family members to Auschwitz. The SS did these things so that other prisoners would In the 1980s, Pope John Paul II made two people who were killed at Auschwitz [[Canonizat
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  • ...lectric Company]]'' in the [[1970s]] and ''[[The Golden Girls]]'' in the [[1980s]]. His grandfather is [[John Whedon]], a writer for ''[[The Donna Reed Show == Movies ==
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  • ...ow" and the name stuck), yet is also considered to be one of Disney's best movies. It was an attempt to be [[simple]] and make profits for the Disney studio, ...chool audiences that aired on [[Disney Channel|The Disney Channel]] in the 1980s. Unlike in the movie, Dumbo spoke on the show. Each character would perform
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  • ...een]]", played in the presence of a member of the [[House of Windsor|Royal family]] when they are in Australia. In other contexts, the [[national anthem]] of ...] opened. In the 1970s, 80s and 90s lots of [[Australian cinema|Australian movies]], actors and [[Australian music|singers]] became famous around the world.
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  • ...> They lived in a [[Ronald Reagan Boyhood Home|small house]] in Dixon. His family was very poor. Reagan did not have much as a child. In high school, Reagan ...role in the 1937 movie ''[[Love Is on the Air]]''. He then starred in many movies such as ''[[Dark Victory]]'' with [[Bette Davis]] and [[Humphrey Bogart]].
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  • | relatives = See [[Houghton family]] ''[[Woman of the Year]]'' with [[Spencer Tracy]]. They made eight more movies together, including ''[[Adam's Rib]]'' and ''[[Guess Who's Coming to Dinner
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  • ...tle=Johnny Depp Biography |accessdate=2008-12-24 |format= |work= Hollywood Movies,}}</ref> is an [[Americans|American]] [[actor]], [[producer]] and ...his grandfather. When his grandfather died, Depp was seven years old. His family went to [[Florida]] and in the next years, they had to change homes often.
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  • country. It also inspired later benefits, including [[Live Aid]] in the 1980s. Harrison found a new musical partner in the 1980s, when [[Jeff Lynne]] of [[Electric Light Orchestra]] began to write and rec
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  • ...ey Kubrick stopped showing the movie there for over 25 years. Other famous movies that Kubrick made include ''[[Dr. Strangelove|Dr. Strangelove or: How I Lea]] man and was called ''[[Flying Padre]]''. He then made two full-length movies (called [[feature film]]s) that made other people interested in his work. T
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  • ...Vanity 6]]; [[Apollonia 6]]<br />[[Mazarati]]<br />[[The Family (band)|The Family]]<br />[[94 East]]<br />[[Madhouse (band)|Madhouse]] ...ho was a [[Jazz]] singer-songwriter. His mother was Mattie Della Shaw. His family was from [[Louisiana]]. He had [[epilepsy]] when he was younger. His sister
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  • ...onies]]'' (1985). He now works as a [[Stuntman|stunt coordinator]] on many movies, for example ''[[X-Men (movie)|X-Men]]''. ...eath in a mine car chase. They go through a lot of things together, like a family. Yet, everyone must say good-bye someday
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  • This is a '''list of movies''' produced by Disney and its current label, '''[[Walt Disney Pictures]]''' ==Movies not on this list==
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  • ...elps '''True Heart Bear''' and '''Noble Heart Horse''' start the Care Bear Family, as they try to save them and the Kingdom from a [[demon]] [[villain]] name Christy's two friends, '''Dawn''' and '''John''', later join the Care Bear Family so that they can put an end to his evil doings.
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  • ...ompany]]. It was the first in a [[trilogy]](or set of three) of big-screen movies that had the [[Care Bears]] in lead roles, and the first to be based direct [[Category:1985 movies]]
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  • [[Image:TheIngallsFamily.jpg|thumb|250px|The real Ingalls family]] ===TV movies===
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  • | notableworks = ''The Great Movies''; ''The Great Movies II''; ''Beyond the Valley of the Dolls''; ''Life Itself: A Memoir'' ...= [[A. O. Scott]]<ref>[[A. O. Scott]]. [ "Roger Ebert, the Critic Behind the Thumb"] ''[[The New Yo
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  • [[Category:1985 movies]] [[Category:1980s adventure movies]]
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  • return the bottle to the "end of the earth", to finish all the evil his family has gone through. Along the way, he meets a group of [[terrorist]]s on the [[Category:1980 movies]]
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  • *[ [[Category:1987 movies]]
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