Safeway Inc.

Safeway Inc.
TypePublic (NYSE: SWY)
When it was createdAmerican Falls, Idaho, U.S. in 1915
HeadquartersPleasanton, California, U.S.
Key peopleSteven Burd, Chairman and CEO
Things madeFood
Money earned40.9 Billion US dollars (2009)
Employees197,000 (2008)

Safeway, Inc. NYSESWY is the third-largest supermarket chain in North America. The company has around 198,000 employees worldwide. In some of the Safeway stores, they have fuel stations where they allow customers to use a phone number or club (loyalty) card to receive fuel savings. Safeway stores also have a Safeway ATM Network. The name "Safeway" came from a contest that was held in 1925 to develop a name for the store and Safeway was chosen. Safeway has stores in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, West Germany, Mexico, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait.

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