Memcached on Ubuntu 18.04 for Joomla

1. Install memcached

apt-get install memcached

1.1. Install php plugin for memcached

apt-get install php-memcached

2. Configure your memached settings:

vim /etc/memcached.conf

Disable UDP access for more security by adding this line:

-U 0

Memcached listens on localhost at port 11211.
If you want to use user authentication for memcached, then add this line:


You need the package "sasl2-bin" to configure your users. This will create a SASL database.

3. Restart apache

service apache2 restart

4. Edit your joomla configuration. Go to the Joomla adminitrator page and to the Settings "Global Configuration" -> "Server". Select "memcached (Experimental)". Select that for your session storage and as well (if you want) for your cache storage.