Grizzly Rage

Grizzly Rage is a Syfy (used to be called The Sci-Fi Channel) television movie.

Plot summary

Four high school friends go to the woods to celebrate their graduation. When they break into a part of the woods that is closed, they hit and kill a grizzly cub with their car. Now the mother of the cub tries to attack and kill the four teenagers.


The movie is widescreen, has a Dolby Digital English 5.1 stereo track, and has no extras.[1]


David Johnson, of DVD Verdict, said that there are better ways to spend your time instead of watching this movie.[2] Paul Mavis, of DVD Talk, said that the movie fulfills none of the requirements of a bear attack exploitationer.[1] A Bloody Disgusting review says that the movie is a pretty silly but satisfying flick.[3]


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