Firefox - Save and Restore Cookies History and Bookmarks

The firefox settings are saved in profiles which are saved in Windows in this path:


There is a folder with an alphanumeric strings with an ending ".default".

  • File places.sqlite for the history and cache
  • File cookies.sqlite for the cookies
  • File favicons.sqlite for the favicons

Bookmarks are saved in this folder which is part of the firefox profile folder:


You can import a file from this folder through the "Manage Bookmarks" menu point. There is a "restore" menu point.
RESTORE and Backup only if your Firefox is closed.

Important Info

If you have an older firefox installation (older than 2 years) and you upgraded to the new Firefox 70.0+ than problems could occur with the display of web pages with JS. It is then recommended to create your profile from new and restore the importend files like mentioned here. Addon settings such as from NoScript can be export beforehand. Please create also a backup from your old profile, before you create the new profile. New profile should have the same name as the old one.