Statue of Dionysus wearing a laurel wreath in the British Museum in London. This is a Roman copy c. AD 40 - 60 of a Greek original c. 350 - 325 BC. From the Naples area.

Dionysus (also spelt Dionysos, Dionysius) is the Greek god of frenzies, festivities, spiritual ecstasy, wine, and alcohol in general. Amongst the Orphists (who are a select group of followers of the Ancient Greek Religion) Dionysus is considered a saviour.

There are two stories on how Dionysus was born. One describes that he was the son of Zeus and Semele, and the other describes that he was the son of Zeus and Persephone, queen of the Underworld. Either way, in both stories Dionysus is sent to the Underworld by Zeus' jealous wife Hera and then saved and brought to life afterwards. He was the God of celebrations. Dionysus was also the god of wine. According to a myth, the Titans lured Dionysus with toys and wanted to eat him. When Zeus found out it was too late and they had eaten everything except his heart. With that Zeus put the heart in the womb of Semele and he was born again. Dionysus had many lovers and children, including:

  1. Aphrodite
    1. Charites
      1. Aglaea
      2. Euphrosyne
      3. Thalia
    2. Hymenaios
    3. Priapus
  2. Ariadne
    1. Oenopion
  3. Nyx
    1. Phthonus
  4. Unknown mother
    1. Acis
  5. Althaea
    1. Deianeira

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