Web browser

A web browser is a computer program application found on all modern computers. They are also now a common feature of mobile phones or other mobile devices and tablet computers like the iPad or Android tablets.

Web browsers are used by people to find and look at web sites on the Internet. The first web browser was created in 1990. Many different web browsers are available for free. All web browsers can go to websites but each browser has good things and bad things about it. For example, some browsers focus on data security and keeping computers safe from viruses. Other browsers are made so that web pages appear on screen faster.

Some popular web browsers available to download:

Other browsers are:

Web browsers and HTML

A webpage is one page of a website. Every web page has a web address.

A web browser goes to a web page using a web address. It downloads the HTML file stored at that address. It then reads and translates the HTML file. The browser will then show the webpage on the screen as text, images and clickable links.

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