A wave is a disturbance in the medium which causes the particles of the medium to undergo vibratory motion about their mean position. The motion repeats in equal intervals of time and can be described by a periodic function.

Waves play an important role in our daily life. This is because waves are a carrier of energy and information over large distances. Waves require some oscillating or vibrating source. Ocean surface waves were the first known waves. Later, other kinds were discovered.

Types of waves

  • In physics and technology, a wave (physics) carries energy that creates visible light, sound, and many other things

There are two categories of waves.

  • Mechanical waves
  • Electromagnetic waves

Mechanical waves

Waves which require any medium for their propagation are called mechanical waves.

For example:

Water waves, sound waves, and waves produced on the string and spring.

Electromagnetic waves

Waves which do not require any medium for their propagation are called electromagnetic waves.

For example: