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Re: talk about complexity of some articles. Please look at Simple English Reading in Cosmology. This is an attempt to provide successively more difficult articles on a subject that is of interest to the most advanced reader the Simple English Wikipedia will ever get - someone with a specific education in a scientific or humanities topic, whose English is being brushed up so that they can communicate with colleagues in that topic. These articles are introductions to the ones in Full language Wikipedias, and probably will verge on 3000 words vocabulary when complete. The reason to write them NOW is that they help us figure out what Simple English is, and how it must vary from Simpler English and Simplest English in order to provide a smooth staging to Full English articles.

Since we just don't know what Simple English is yet, there's no alternative to working this out by example. So please do not "simplify" these articles yet - the point of them is to be accurate, get about a dozen of them written in each of several Simple English Readings, put those articles in order of difficulty, and then do some concordancing to figure out where the "leaps" in language use are, and what total vocabulary is in use. Only then is it really rational to start editing for simplicity. In particular, links must be preserved, so that the articles at this (highest) level remain good introductions to Full English ones with the same titles.

If you have another strategy to figure out what Simple English is, and what it's plateaus and limits are, please outline it in a new article, and link to Simple English Reading. Many strategies can co-exist.

Also see Simple English Staging, Simple English User Stories and SEUS_Juan_Looks_At_The_Sky. If you can help write a few of these, we may get a much clearer idea of how to write.