User:Yottie/Important communes in France

This page is a list of the Communes of France, which are notable enough, or have the potential to be longer than one-line stubs.

Yottie's Criteria

  • Any commune of over 5,000 inhabitants is automatically included.
  • Any commune which is a prefecture or a sub-prefecture is included.
  • All other communes will be sorted through:
    • If they show historical interest, and can expanded to non-stub status, they will be included.
    • If they have the potential to be expanded beyond stubs (1500 bytes of text) with content from frwp they will be included.
    • If they do not show any particular interest, or cannot be expanded enough, they will not be included.
    • Communes which have (or have not) been created, but that fall through this filter will be deleted (or won't be created).
      • These Communes can be (re-)created if and only if they are not stubs.
      • The communes which can't be bigger than stubs will be on a separate article, with communes in the same department, with some statistics (all in a table or by creating sections for each).


Prefectures and Subprefectures

Most populated

Notable communes by department