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Hello, welcome to my user page.

My name is Jack and I have had this account on the Simple English Wikipedia since 1st July 2008. I have been on the English Wikipedia here since 2006. On 10th October 2008 I became an admin after my successful RfA. Please email me or speak to me on my talk page if you think I could help you.

File:Chinese Kite.jpg
A picture of my Chinese kite being flown on Portsdown Hill, Portsmouth, taken August 2006.

The Simple English Wikipedia is like a refreshing breath of air compared to the damned and constant infighting over at our big brother. Tenuous editing, edit warring, 3RR; massive sockpuppetry; hundreds of blocks issued and pages deleted, AFD discsussions opened; thousands of kilobytes of text on AN and ANI and RFAR; here, nothing. A pure experience, focusing on what Wikipedia is really about – the improvement of articles.

- Cassandra on Simple Talk, 21 July 2008

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Have a look at my edit statistics here, here or here.

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The account Tholly is an SUL, so it is me on all Wikimedia projects. I may also use use Thollyness sometimes for security reasons on public computers. My bot, Thollybot, is also an SUL account so is mine on all projects.

For a full list of projects I have logged into as Tholly, see here.

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