This is a list of Savoyard princesses from the accession of the first duke of Savoy, Amadeus VIII in 1416.

The title "Princess" has generally been restricted to the following persons:

  • the legitimate daughters of a Savoyard sovereign,
  • the legitimate male line granddaughters of a Savoyard sovereign,
  • the wife of a Savoyard prince.

Princesses of Savoy

Princesses of Savoy by marriage

Image Princess Birth Marriage Death Notes Husband
100px Christine Marie of France 1606 1663 1615 Regent for her sons Francis Hyacinth and Charles Emmanuel II Victor Amadeus I
100px Marie de Bourbon 1606 1625 1692 Heiress of the County of Soissons Charles, Count of Soissons
100px Luisa of Savoy 1629 1692 1642 Prince Maurice of Savoy
100px Élisabeth de Bourbon 1614 1664 1643 Charles Amadeus, Duke of Nemours
100px Marie d'Orléans 1625 1657 1707 Henri, Duke of Nemours
100px Maria Angela Caterina d'Este 1656 1684 1722 Emmanuel Philibert, Prince of Carignan
100px Olympia Mancini 1638 1657 1708 Niece of Cardinal Mazarin Eugene Maurice, Count of Soissons
100px Vittoria Francesca of Savoy 1690 1717 1766 Illegitimate daughter of Victor Amadeus II Victor Amadeus I, Prince of Carignano
100px Anne Christine of Sulzbach 1704 1722 1723 Charles Emmanuel III
100px Polyxena of Hesse-Rotenburg 1706 1724 1735 Charles Emmanuel III
100px Christine of Hesse-Rotenburg 1717 1740 1778 Sister of the above Louis Victor, Prince of Carignan
100px Maria Theresia of Liechtenstein 1694 1713 1772 Thomas Emmanuel, Count of Soissons
100px Maria Antonia of Spain 1729 1750 1785 Victor Amadeus III
100px Maria Anna of Savoy 1757 1775 1824 Daughter of the above Benedetto, Duke of Chablais
100px Joséphine of Lorraine 1753 1768 1797 Victor Amadeus II, Prince of Carignan
100px Marie Clotilde of France 1759 1775 1802 Sister of Louis XVI Charles Emmanuel IV
100px Maria Theresa of Austria-Este 1773 1789 1832 Victor Emmaneul I
100px Maria Cristina of Naples and Sicily 1779 1807 1849 Charles Felix

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