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I'v been waiting. for a 'pedia liiike youuuu. to come into my life.

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my thoughts so far on "simple english wikipedia":

may 14th
this subdomain seems to need some serious work. where do y'all see it going? what do y'all see as it's purpose? I understand that it is intended for non-native english speakers/readers. much of it seems to read like it's for five-year-olds or the mentally disabled. I guess there are many kinds of english-as-a-second-language speakers. I think the educational level/background of the reader will matter most when deciding how and in what ways to dumb down a concept. sorry- but it feels to me like that's what these pages do. whether his/her native lang is a Latin-based one is also a significant factor. I don't want to reinvent what the phrase simple english means, but I think a retool isn't outt the question. I should def. look around more before I go any further w/ criticism, so. later.

as of may 4th
sometimes I hate everybody. know why? know why? cuz everybody's dumb. are the language and the concepts on here supposed to be easy? I don;t know. I'v learned that it is primarily for persons whose native language is not english.

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