User:J Di

I was an administrator on this wiki and am still one on English Wikipedia. If you need my help, you can ask me on my talk page here or e-mail me.

Message to the people

To whoever cares: I'm not not here. If I was planning on not editing Wikimedia projects again, I would let people know. My talk page gets checked regularly enough and I'm not completely oblivious to what is/has been happening on this wiki recently. People's ability to contact me via e-mail has not changed, so instead of assuming I have gone and am not planning on returning, why not try finding out the real reason for why I've not made many edits recently? Okay, I probably wouldn't tell you even if you did ask, but I'd rather you tried than continued making assumptions. You will probably get an answer to any other question, within reason, and I'm not going to ignore any e-mails. J Di 20:27, 16 May 2007 (UTC)