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I am sorry for how ugly this looks. I am not good at saying what I think. I am good making small changes to pages. What should I tell you?


Who am I?

My name is Guy. I was born in San Francisco on May 17, 1969. I now live in Las Vegas and work with computers on the internet. I used to drive a taxi cab in Las Vegas.


Where I have lived

I have lived in many cities like San Francisco, Honolulu (Hawaii) and San Diego.

This page is not done. Still working on this part..


I spend massive amounts of my time online with various projocts of the moment. Rarely do any grab me and hold me more than a few hours. WikiSites grabed, encouraged and enlighted me, and is now my number one pastime. Resulting in Las Vegas Wiki - A branch of Wikipedia, dedicated to Las Vegas' Centennial Anniversary! (May 15, 1905)

Warn your children! Safeguard your spouse! Casual clicking can result in... Recently, I accidentally clicked onto Wiktionary (Lord have mercy on my soul!). Not to bad you say? I got stuck there 4 hours!

Other than Wikipedia and Wikiquote; I enjoy computers, authoring websites, karaoke and bowling.



Articles I'd like to create, rewrite, edit, expand or update:

(comment) (praise) (preach) (criticize)
Las Vegas, Nevada (and just about all things LV) Including, Las Vegas Strip and numerous casino/resorts.
Tammy Faye Bakker Messner

My worst habit on Wikipedia

Other than editing my own namespace (done for learning without reprimands) instead of editing articles in need of attention; would be the failure to justify edits in the "Edit summary" field. Maybe now, (17:10, 1 Mar 2005 (UTC)) since I've taken notice to this shortcoming, I should implement a personal editing policy of completing the Edit summary before editing an article.

Favorite pages on MediaWiki sites

All Powerful, All Knowing, The Almighty, G-d

G-d (Q | Bible) (No Jesus here - I'm Jewish (disputable by definition) )


Tammy Faye (Q) an amazing person of G-d
Mother Teresa (Q) an incredible Catholic nun
The Rocky and Bullwinkle Show (Q) Whats-a-matta U!
Are You Being Served? (Q) Are you free?
The Muppet Show (Q) Kermit the frog here...
Johnny Carson (Q) former host of The Tonight Show
Oprah Winfrey (Q) uplifting television talk show host
Usher (Q) Hip hop/R&B singer, songwriter (Personal favorite)
Eminem (Q) rap singer, songwriter, part-time actor
Dolly Parton (Q) country singer, songwriter, actress
Kenny Rogers (Q) country & jazz singer, songwriter
Tyne Daly (Q) actress, Judging Amy
Robin Williams (Q) actor/comedian/activist
Whoopi Goldberg (Q) actress/comedian/activist
Herman Hesse (Q) author
Garfield and Odie characters from comic strip, books, television and movies
Fremont, California (Hometown)
San Francisco, California (The City by the Bay)
San Diego, California (Love the culture, weather, people...)
Las Vegas, Nevada (Currently held hostage here)
Honolulu, Hawaii (Waikiki) (Where I found who I am, oh-and the beaches!)
Black Hills Gold fine jeweler with history


These are items I associate myself with. Also, listed under "future articles" if none exist for the topic.

Cherokee Indian (50%)
Irish (50%)

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