Mid-May 2019: Returning from a half-year's Wikibreak.

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Hello, and welcome to my User page!

I'm from the USA but live in Israel, on a kibbutz. I've retired from work as a translator at a museum.

In 2006, I started helping write and improve the English and Hebrew Wikipedias.
I enjoy looking up information and sharing it with other people.
Now I'd like to learn how to write articles in Simple English here.

In Summer 2017, I began making changes in the Zulu Wikipedia (though I don't know the language).

My special interests are history and music.

You may write me a message on my Talk page.

Pages I've created:

| The Magic Flute |

Pages I've helped improve:

| Neo-Nazism | Ludovic Lazarus Zamenhof | Life in Hell | Viola | Lviv | Jerez de la Frontera | Hezbollah | Hamas | Kashrut | Judaism | Israel |

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