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WikiProject Chemistry here is not a real WikiProject. This is just a page where you can find many things about chemistry.

A system of article creation and expansion

  1. Expand the chemical element articles by using data from enWP. This will create some redlinks. Bromine before and after (See how to do this below)
  2. Create articles for the common chemical compounds of that element. (See all the articles in bromine compounds.) (See how to do this below)
  3. Create an index page for the chemical compounds (bromine compounds is an index page). (See how to do this below)
  4. Create a category for the chemical compounds (Category:Bromine compounds is a category). (See how to do this below)

Here is a page you can expand: Beryllium, Category:Beryllium compounds, and Beryllium compounds.

A way to create chemical compound articles

There are two ways to create articles.

  1. Simple Style (sample) A jumbled mass of sentences. This way is easier to write but is not recommended.
  2. Better Style {sample) Organized sections. This is recommended.

There are certain things that should be included in a chemistry article.

  • Some properties of the molecules. Oxidation state, chemical formula, etc.
  • Its properties. solid, liquid, gas, reacts with water, dissolves in water, reacts with anything
  • How it is made.
  • What is it used for.
  • Other chemical compounds similar to it.

A way to expand chemical element articles

Chemical element articles need to be expanded as part of the process here. Here is how to do them. There are some things that should be in a chemical element article. Sample chemical element article: Zinc now. Zinc before I started expanding it.

  • Introduction with the category of the element, isotopes, and a summary of the uses and any special properties.
  • Properties of the element; physical and chemical properties.
  • Properties of the chemical compounds.
  • How it is found in nature. How common or rare it is.
  • How it is taken from its ores.
  • What it is used for.
  • How dangerous or toxic it is.

How to write a chemical compound page

Chemical compound pages are pages that list all of the chemical compounds of a certain element. Sample page: Bromine compounds

  • Find out all of the oxidation states the compounds are in.
  • Group the chemical compounds by oxidation state.
  • Group each of the oxidation state into subgroups if they have them. (For example; +6 chromium compounds can be divided into chromates or dichromates in chromium compounds.)

How to make a category

Create the category and add Category:Chemical compounds to the category. Add all of the chemical compound articles in the chemical compound page to the category.

Other articles to create

Here are some articles to make. Ask me if you want more ideas.

Other articles to work on

What is done already

This is a list of the chemical element articles I have expanded.

Learn about chemistry


Here are some links for chemistry help:

Did you know

Here are some possible DYK hooks. Some of these are complex, uncited, etc.