User:Chemicalinterest/Chemistry lab

Chemicalinterest had a lab in his home that he uses to conduct chemical experiments. Now chemistry activities are suspended indefinitely as a result of an unfortunate accident involving chlorine gas. The chemicals are still there, although stagnant. Here is some data about it.


These are photos of my lab:


This is a list of chemicals in my lab.


pH indicators

Elements and Alloys

  • Nichrome from old blow dryer
  • Copper from household wire, chemistry set
  • Steel from screws, nails, casing of alkaline cells
  • Zinc from casing of carbon-zinc cells, anode of alkaline cells
  • Lead from old solder
  • Brass from chemistry set
  • Aluminium from aluminium foil, capacitor electrode, chemistry set
  • Stainless steel from screws, small bearing balls on old DVD player
  • Lithium from watch battery in petroleum jelly
  • Pewter chunks from pewter spoon
  • Tin from solder and pewter
  • Antimony from pewter spoon
  • Sulfur, chemistry kit
  • Iodine, electrolysis of tincture of iodine
  • Carbon rods from carbon zinc cells
  • Iron filings


Other chemicals