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Saale, Halle (Saale), Bensheim, Odenwald, Spring (water), Source (river or stream), Torgau, Worms, Germany, Nibelungenlied, Dwarf, Dynasty, Yellow River, Fir, Conifer cone, Bergstraße, Yellow Sea, East China Sea, Speyer, Siegfried, Fichtelgebirge, Ore Mountains, Beowulf (hero), Clan, Seljuq dynasty, Caspian Sea, Caliph (enlarged), Abu Bakr, Shi'a Islam, Sunni Islam (enlarged), British Museum, Confluence, Werra, Rhön, Vogelsberg Mountains, Headstreams, Fulda River, Byzantine art, Icon, Eastern Christianity, Eastern Europe, Eastern Bloc, Western Bloc, Free world, Warsaw Pact, Central Europe, Great power, Northern Europe, Western Europe, Southern Europe, Athelstan, Canute the Great, Ottonian dynasty, Edward III of England, Harold Wilson, Kayak, Canoe, Trunk, Trunk (botany), Shorts, Pole, Punt (boat), Utility pole, Support, Christmas tree, Tree line, Lift (force), Transpiration, Stomates, Pore, Vegetation, Amoeba, Pseudopods, Locomotion, Edward the Martyr, Preservation, Bier, Coffin, Fortification, Interpersonal relationship, Production, Alternative‎, Speculation, Turf, Oliver Cromwell, Restoration, History of England, Lindisfarne‎, History of Tamil Nadu, List of Parliamentary constituencies in the United Kingdom, Potter's wheel‎, Stainless steel, List of garden plants‎, List of plants by common name‎, Persuasion, Heligoland, 1911 Encyclopaedia Britannica, Wire rope, Groove, ‎Public transport, Holy See‎,(100)

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Dunstan (disambiguation), Intimacy (disambiguation), Service (disambiguation),Stock (disambiguation), Prevention (disambiguation), Monument (disambiguation)‎, Shear (disambiguation), Tension (disambiguation), Newton (disambiguation), Slide (disambiguation), St Andrews (disambiguation), Grain (disambiguation), Camouflage (disambiguation), Herd (disambiguation), Nottingham (disambiguation), Midlands (disambiguation), Crescent (disambiguation), Levant (disambiguation), Jordan River (disambiguation), Gradient (disambiguation), Flux (disambiguation), Thrust (disambiguation), Placebo (disambiguation), Placebo effect (disambiguation), Dogma (disambiguation), Path, Carcassonne (disambiguation), Windmill (disambiguation), Spectrum (disambiguation), Remainder (disambiguation), Division (disambiguation), Sensation (disambiguation), Franks (disambiguation), Erasmus (disambiguation), Scale (disambiguation), Church (disambiguation), Creed (disambiguation), Legion (disambiguation), Denomination (disambiguation), Broom (disambiguation), Car wash (disambiguation), Vinca (disambiguation), Tortoise (disambiguation), Stern (disambiguation), Relief (disambiguation), Frieze (disambiguation), Augustine, (46)


List of Parliamentary constituencies in the United Kingdom, List of garden plants‎, List of plants by common name‎, List of Christian denominations, List of Christian denominations by number of members, List of prizes, medals, and awards, List of historical plagues, List of epidemics, List of Salvia species, (9)

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Corsica, Henry II, Holy Roman Emperor, Conrad II, Holy Roman Emperor, Otto I the Great, Labour Party (UK), Propulsion tools, Paddle, Oar, Mast, Swimsuit, Pylon, Henry I the Fowler, Airfoil, Silly Putty, Sympathy, Puddle, Beam (structure), Vertical, Load, Column, Ceiling, Bow (ship), Spruce, Temperate, Taiga, Tundra, Tropical climate, Mount Kilimanjaro, Tropics, Fumarole, Köppen climate classification, Polar circle, Horizon, Arid, Sebaceous gland, Stirrup, Corfe Castle, Laboratory, Relics, Dunstan, Stronghold, Lord, Combat, Charge (warfare), Attack, Kinship, Relation, Brigantes, Hadrian's Wall, Defensive wall (50), Relationship, Intimacy, Intimate relationship, Pyrotechnics, Firework, Fireworks, Factors of production, Service, Asset, Role, Labour (economics), Land (economics), Capital (economics), Stock, Service, Share, Share (finance), Marketing, Storage, Safety match, Publishing, Song Dynasty, Income, Wilhelm Hauff, Civil service, Employee, Employer, Public sector, Administration, Corporation, Natural person,‎ Jurisprudence‎; Legal entity, Ownership, Possession, Personal property, Common law, Non-statutory law, Statutory law, Oral law, Oral tradition, Precedent, Legal case, Threat, Promotion, Debate‎; Issue (debate), Attac (organization)‎, Tobin tax‎, Penalty (100), James Tobin, Bretton Woods system, Antiglobalization, Theodoric the Great, Natural environment, Natural capital, Prevention, Lawn, Sod, Means of production, Ecosystem services, Biodiversity, Jurisdiction, Natural disaster, Landslide, ‎Harm‎, Debris‎; Waste heat‎; Vulnerability‎; Saturation‎; Water content‎; Soil moisture, Harold Harefoot, Harthacanute, Interregnum (disambiguation), Interregnum, English Interregnum, English Restoration, Commonwealth of England, Declaration, Declaration of independence, Declaration of war, The Protectorate, Rump Parliament, Norman conquest of England, ‎Anglo-Saxons, Raid, Barbarian, ‎Pejorative, ‎Contempt, Content, Parliament of England‎; Settlement‎; Human migration‎; Advice, Advice (constitutional), Council, European Parliament‎; Council of the European Union, European Commission (150)‎; Ice age, Saxons, Heterotroph, Substrate, Diagram, Jutes, Angles, Angeln, Prehistoric Britain, Domesday Book, Pallavas‎, Pandya‎; Chera dynasty, Chola dynasty, Monument‎; Assimilation‎; Assimilation (biology)‎; Integration‎; Cultural assimilation‎; Armorica‎, Gaul, Danelaw, Jorvik‎, Mutton, William Pitt the Younger‎, Duchy, Anglo-Norman language, Langue d'oïl, Descendant, Gallo-Romance languages, Capital accumulation, Investment, Battle of Bannockburn, Wars of the Roses, Battle of Bosworth Field‎, Angevin, House of Plantagenet, Count‎, John Foxe‎, Evangelicalism, Fellow‎, Magdalen College School, Oxford, Northamptonshire, Leicestershire‎, Norfolk, Lincolnshire, Oxfordshire, Angevin Empire, Pyrenees, Ural Mountains, Steppe, Plain, East Anglia, Flagellum, History of slave trade, Elizabethan Religious Settlement, Nobility, Statistical survey, Social sciences, Arts, Humanities, John Hawkins, Merchant, Warranty, Constituent, Constituency, Cohesion, Local government, Stain, Ferrous (220), Mechanician, Ductility, Fracture, Stress (physics), Shear stress, Tensile stress, Tension (mechanics), Compressive stress, Physical compression, Strength of materials, Compression, Flow, Deformation, Inorganic compound, Applied mechanics, Mechanics, Macroscopic, Naked eye, Order of magnitude, ‎Rotation, ‎Moment (physics), ‎Tensile strength, Third Servile War, Vibrating string‎, Angular momentum, Ceramic, Porcelain, Kaolinite, Kiln, Oxide, (250) Roman Servile Wars, Plutarch, Marcus Licinius Crassus‎, Pompey‎, Gear‎, Gear (disambiguation)‎, Gear shift‎, Wristwatch, Italia (Roman province)‎, Ramp‎, Shift‎, Shift key‎, Manufacturing‎, Tile, Girth‎, Circumference, Girth (tack)‎, Plane (tool)‎, Lumber‎, Spindle, Spike, Whorl‎, Spindle (textiles)‎, Whorl (spindel)‎, Flywheel‎, Axle, Transmission (mechanics)‎, Hydraulic, Drawing (manufacturing)‎, Finished goods‎ (280), Battle of Worcester, Destruction, Destruction (disambiguation), Ornamental‎, Good (economics)‎, Crane (machine), Presentation, Keynote (software), Growth-share matrix, Microsoft PowerPoint, Presentation software, First War of Scottish Independence, John of Scotland, Wars of Scottish Independence, Coronation‎, Sheave (mechanical), Second War of Scottish Independence, Ungulate, Ajaccio, Prefectures in France (300), Autotroph, Hundred Years War, Project, SWOT Analysis, Slideshow, Slide, Slide projector‎, Video projector, Steve Jobs, Pope Boniface VIII (310), Signal, Scone, Perth and Kinross, Perth and Kinross, Warwickshire, Staffordshire, Worcestershire, Signal (electrical engineering), Ecosystem valuation, Commodity, Commodity markets, Political economy, Resilience, St Andrews, Herefordshire, Gloucestershire, Wiltshire, West Midlands (county), Conurbation, Dunkirk, Metamorphosis, Small White, Camouflage, Tilia, Groove (joinery), Wood grain‎, Joinery‎, Woodworking joints, Suspension bridge, Pedestrian, Inca rope bridge, Inca Empire, Pre-Columbian, Military camouflage, Herd, Derbyshire, ‎West Yorkshire, ‎South Yorkshire, ‎Nottinghamshire, Pennines, Lake District, ‎Yorkshire and the Humber, Westmorland‎, Historic counties of England, Ceremonial counties of England, Counties of England‎, Lord Lieutenant, Hydrogen sulfide‎, Feudalism, ‎Silicon Valley, Signal (biology), ‎Electrophysiology, Ion channel, River Hull, Hull, Hull (watercraft)‎, Buoyancy, Nastika, West Midlands (region), Midlands‎, Midlands (disambiguation) (370)‎, Signal (electrical engineering), Ecosystem valuation, Commodity, Commodity markets, Political economy, Resilience, St Andrews, Herefordshire, Gloucestershire, Wiltshire, West Midlands (county), Conurbation, Dunkirk, Metamorphosis, Small White, Camouflage, Tilia, Groove (joinery), Wood grain‎, Joinery (390)‎, Woodworking joints, Suspension bridge, Pedestrian, Inca rope bridge, Inca Empire, Pre-Columbian, Military camouflage, Herd, Derbyshire, ‎West Yorkshire (400), ‎South Yorkshire, ‎Nottinghamshire, Pennines, Lake District, ‎Yorkshire and the Humber, Westmorland‎, Historic counties of England, Ceremonial counties of England, Counties of England‎, Lord Lieutenant (410), Hydrogen sulfide‎, Feudalism, ‎ Silicon Valley, Signal (biology), ‎Electrophysiology, Ion channel, River Hull, Hull, Hull (watercraft)‎, Buoyancy, Nastika, West Midlands (region), Midlands‎, Metropolitan county, Unitary authority, Administrative division, County council, East Midlands, ‎Greater Nottingham, Nottingham, Pegnitz River, South West England, South East England, ‎North East England, Sussex, Kingdom of Sussex‎, Trail, Ditch, Joiner, Military engineer, Secretary of State, Official‎, Function‎, Elasticity, Cotswolds, Atahualpa, Shire, Regnitz, Firearm, Black powder, Annals‎, Cicero‎, ‎Fertile crescent, ‎Crescent, Levant, Jordan River, Schism (religion), Proselyte, Twelve Apostles, ‎Oriental Orthodoxy, ‎Dogma, State religion, ‎Ecumenical council, Yorkshire Dales, Anaerobic digestion, Biogas, Liturgy‎, Mass (liturgy), James, son of Zebedee, Saint James, Hydrolysis, Water (molecule), Metallic bond, - Heat conduction, ‎Vassal, ‎Migration Period, Prose, ‎Caper story, Georg Büchner Prize, ‎Georg Büchner, (470)

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Muslim history, ‎History of Christianity, Timeline of Christianity, San Francisco Bay Area, ‎San Francisco Bay, Field strength, Field (physics), Gradient, Trigonometric functions, Archer, - Archery, Signal transduction, ‎Flux, Neuroscience, Resting potential, Thrust, Drainage, Marine ecoregion, Freshwater ecoregion, Global 200, Ecoregion, Wetland, Marsh, Pelagic zone, Biome, Subarctic climate, Sexual abstinence, Council of Jerusalem, James the Just, Disciple (Christianity), - Acts of the Apostles, ‎Leo III, Pope Leo III, ‎Identity (mathematics), Equality, Identity, Equality (mathematics), Religious ministry, Ministry (government department), Galerius, - Lorsch, Calvinism, John Calvin, Carcassonne, Henry IV, Holy Roman Emperor‎, Investiture Controversy, ‎Pope Gregory VII, ‎Excommunication, Full communion‎, Ecclesiology, - Ecclesia (Church), Communion (Christian), Renewable resource, ‎Nicene Creed, Apostles' Creed, ‎‎Palm (unit), Span, Span (unit of length), Electric power transmission,‎ ‎Darfur conflict, Bibliography of the Darfur conflict, The Masque of the Red Death‎, Darfur, Hydropower, Water wheel, Watermill, Mill (grinding), Windmill‎, Mill, Water turbine‎, Renewable energy, Ionizing radiation‎, Non-ionizing radiation, Electromagnetic spectrum, Continuum, Continuum (theory), ‎Rotor‎, Jet‎, Electric power‎, Head (hydraulic)‎, ‎Electrical energy, 100 Power (physics), ‎Tide, Tidal force, Tidal energy, Electricity generation, Saint Stephen, Helicopter rotor, Power transmission, Trough, Crest (physics), Ocean surface wave, Surface wave, Wave power, Desalination, Solar energy, Photovoltaics, Solar cell, Alternating current, Direct current, Fraction (mathematics), Quotient, Division (mathematics), 0 (number), Divisor, Remainder, Sawmill, Water heating, Room temperature, Manure, Nutrient, Green manure, Biomass, Sucrose, Disaccharide, Monosaccharide, - Lactose, Glycogen, Pollutant, Carbon monoxide, Polysaccharide‎, Solubility, ‎Oath, Jeffrey Archer, Sierra Nevada (US), ‎Ecozone, ‎- Biomass (ecology), Amorphous solid‎, Sierra Nevada (Spain)‎, Canon Law, Mediterranean climate, Franks, Clovis I, Merovingian dynasty, Salland, Antiparticle, Codex Hammurabi, Anglican Communion, ‎Autonomy, Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel, Ségolène Royal‎, UMP, French National Assembly, 99942 Apophis‎, 2029, Stevens' power law, - Stimulus, ‎Transduction, Lyrics, Visual acuity, Antioch, Solvent, Inert, ‎Electron shell, Fuel oil, Fractional distillation, - Odor, Solar power in Spain, Sensation,Perception, Weber-Fechner law, Logarithmic scale, Scale (ratio), Scale (map), European Union Budget, ‎Objectivity, - Objectivity (journalism), ‎Sharia, Ligament, Powiat, Tendon, (185) - One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church, Religious denomination, Christian denomination, ‎Christendom, Creed, Shahada, Purgatory‎, William Blake‎, Institution, Modern world, - ‎Age of Discovery, Doctrine, Granule, Granule (cell biology), ‎Cytosol, Electromagnetic wave, Glycolysis, Archetype, Prototype, Archetype (disambiguation), - Context, Orthodoxy, Socialist Party (France), Normlessness, Norm, Heterodoxy, ‎Plate tectonics, Lithosphere, Asthenosphere, Mantle (geology), - Coptic Catholic Church, Internet Archive, Archive, Development, ‎Anglicanism, Medieval Latin, ‎Ecclesiastical Latin, Proto-Indo-European language, Hypothesis, Observation, Spectrometer, Multimedia, Pentecostalism, Pentecost, - Ascension, Annual plant, Pea, Biennial plant, ‎Oscilloscope, Elm, Elm (disambiguation), Gribble, Cubic metre, Food and Agriculture Organization, 245 - ‎Woodland, Second law of thermodynamics, ‎Air conditioner, Branch (disambiguation), First law of thermodynamics, Conservation of energy, Energy conservation, Cogeneration, Compressor, Gas compressor, Heating, Heat engine, Thermodynamic cycle, Thermodynamic process, Thermodynamic system, Piston, Banknote, Thermal energy, Heat transfer, Thermodynamic equilibrium, Thermodynamic potential, Thermal efficiency, Mechanical work, Thermodynamic state, Thermal physics, Statistical mechanics, Kinetic theory, Parameter, Work (thermodynamics), Internal energy, Physical law, ‎Pipe (material), Uncertainty principle, Observer effect, Probability theory, Maya civilization, Mesoamerican chronology, Spanish colonization of the Americas, Conquistador, Hilary Hahn, Thorn, Spine (botany), Spanish Empire, New Spain, Castile, ‎Kingdom of Castile, - Redox, Pandemic, ‎Autogenic training, Peripheral nervous system, Central nervous system, Spinal cord, Prosencephalon, Nahe, - Palatinate (region), Taunus, Saalburg, Military of ancient Rome, Roman legion, Allied Occupation Zones in Germany, Amber, Resin, Varnish, - Secretion, ‎Adhesive, Gum, ‎Mineralization, Adhesive tape, Tape, Correlation, First Council of Nicaea, ‎Lupin, Indigenous peoples, Migrant worker, Parliament of the United Kingdom, Names of large numbers, Scientific notation, Archivist, Archivist (disambiguation), River Mersey, Merseyside, Metropolitan Borough of Wirral, Metropolitan borough, Local Government Act 1972, Act of Parliament‎, Bill (proposed law), Local Government Act 1985, Greater London Council, Greater London Authority, Mayor of London, Lord Mayor of London, ‎London County Council, Denomination (currency), Episcopalian, Broom (shrub), Broom, Cleanliness, Washing, The Wash, British overseas territories, Decimal, Numeral system, Regatta, Boundary, Decimal separator, Sustainability, Brundtland Commission, Climate change, Gro Harlem Brundtland, Car wash, ‎2007 Universal Forum of Cultures, Mesencephalon, Rhombencephalon, Spanish Broom, Salvia, Common sage, Subshrub, Periwinkle (plant), Vinca, Salvia pratensis, Plant stem, Vascular plant, Non-vascular plant, Meristem, Vascular cambium, Cork cambium, Cork (material), Cork Oak, Acorn, Jay, Clubmoss, Horsetail, Green algae, Brackish water, Flagellate, Neoprene, Aquifer, Chitin, Radula, Exoskeleton, Endoskeleton, Zoospore, Gamete, Morphology, Morphology (biology), Taxon, ‎Domain (biology), - Keratin, Fibrous protein, Filament, Protein filament, Filamentation, Septum, Nasal septum, Nostril, Ethmoid bone, ‎Animal shell,Tortoise, Sea turtle, Rudder, Stern, Relief, Frieze, Entablature, Machine translation, Interlinear text, Transcription, Transcript, Transcription (linguistics), Sui Dynasty, Wind speed, Knot (speed), Knot (disambiguation), Begging, Vacuole, Fertility, Subclass, Bantu, English Heritage, Historic Scotland, DNA repair, Genome, Genome (disambiguation), Rock art, Penicillium, Growth, Cell growth, DNA replication, Ergastic substance, Adenine, Thymine, Elastic modulus, Atlas (disambiguation) (instead of the old disambiguation, that was under the wrong lemma), Atlas, Atlas (missile), Flora, Flora (disambiguation), Atlas Mountains, Feather duster, Electrostatics, ‎Atlas (anatomy), Vertebra, Irregular bone, Morphology (linguistics), Syntax, Syntax (disambiguation), ‎Cytosine, Guanine, Warsaw Convention, Treaty of Warsaw (1970), History of Poland, Polish-Lithuanian Union, Kingdom of Poland (1385–1569), Jagiellon dynasty, Hittites, Nucleobase, Base pair, Complementarity (molecular biology), Hydrogen bond, Molecular biology, ‎Uracil, Protein biosynthesis‎‎, Translation (genetics), Gene expression, Intermolecular force, Venture capital, Moment of inertia, Angular velocity, Angular frequency, Pseudovector, Spoke, Improper rotation, Inverse, Fecundity, Investiture, Insignia, Kabyles, Berber languages, Organic matter, Swordfish, Steering wheel (ship), Hydrogen atom, Hyde Park, Hyde Park, London, Kensington Gardens, Bas-relief, Endocrine gland, Thyroid, Internal medicine, Neptune (mythology), Fortuna (disambiguation), Sol Invictus, Lares, Quirinus, Vulcan (Star Trek), Vulkan, Division (botany), Balkan Mountains, Carpathian Mountains, ‎Tatra mountains, Plague of Athens, 429 BC, 430 BC, Peloponnesian War, Thucydides, ‎Piraeus, Augustine of Hippo, History of the Peloponnesian War, Historiography, Historical method, Primary source, Source, Secondary source, Document, Object, International Standard Book Number, Index, Recording, Storage medium, Visual system, Visual perception, Analog signal, Microphone, Digital signal, ‎Pneumatics, Mafic, Specific gravity, Fluid mechanics, ‎Fluid statics, Continuum mechanics, Oceanic crust, Continental crust, Vaishali, Licchavis, Republicanism, Liberty, Liberty (disambiguation), Dignity, Dignity (disambiguation), ‎Association, Voluntary association, Pausanias (geographer), ‎Dignitas, Tacitus, Tacitus (disambiguation), Connotation, Denotation, Euphemism, Dysphemism,Ludwig Büchner, Goitre, Stroke (medicine), The Wheel of Fortune, ‎Hurley (stick), Sliotar, Camogie, Rounders, Innings, Cricket (insect), Rounders (film), Gaelic Athletic Association, Gaelic Games, Gaelic handball, American handball, Fives, Buttress, Real tennis, Jeu de paume, Palace of Versailles, Château, Château (disambiguation), Basque pelota, Pump-jet, Propulsor, Valencian, Valencian pilota, Trapezoid, Frisian handball, Gaelic football, Caid (sport), Longue paume, Pallone, Palla, Pellet, ‎Humus, Soil science, Pedogenesis, Sedimentary rock, Rock (geology), Weathering, Recrystallisation, ‎Soil classification, Manor house, English country house, Larynx, Calcite, Stalagmite, Deposit, Deposition (geology), Nearctic (horse), Calcium carbonate, Hard water, Soft water, Moorland, Moorland (disambiguation), Neotropic ecozone, Nearctic, Stud, Stud (animal), Castration, Bureaucracy, Audio engineering, Moraine, Silt (disambiguation), Samuel Pepys, Matterhorn, Particle size, Particle size (grain size), Rock flour, Particle size (general), Tettigoniidae, Carburization, Birth certificate, Vital record, Record (administrative), Abrasion, Abrasion (disambiguation), Wear, Compacted oxide layer glaze, Wear (disambiguation), Wound, Bruise, Hebrew Bible, Targum, Quraysh, Quraish (sura), Sura, Chapter, Chapter (books), Sura (disambiguation), 632, Battle of Uhud, 625, Battle of Badr, Ceasefire, Khalid ibn al-Walid, Tactic, Military tactics, Geneva Conference, Marching band, ‎Max Bruch, Dive bomber, Fiberglass, Composite material, Fibre, Fiber-reinforced polymer, Glass-reinforced plastic, Carbon fiber reinforced plastic, Thermal expansion, Carbon fiber, Coefficient, Coefficient (disambiguation), Physical coefficient, Coefficient of thermal expansion, Surveying, Differential coefficient, Lift Coefficient, Meter (poetry), Verse (poetry), Line (disambiguation), Dynamic pressure, Ignatius of Antioch, Stephen, Diminutive, Licinius, Edict of Milan, Religious toleration, Theodosius I, Grand Duchy of Hesse, 95 theses, Indulgence, Penance, Penance (disambiguation), Repentance, Repentance (disambiguation), English literature, John Milton, Brave New World, Planform, Plan view, Floor plan, Plans (drawings), Orthographic projection, Parallel projection, Joseph Conrad, Modernist literature, V. S. Naipaul, Booker Prize, Stream of consciousness, Stream of consciousness writing, Learning by teaching, Jean-Pol Martin, Tutor, Ark of the Covenant, Cubit, Ell, Ell (disambiguation), Unit of length, Angstrom, Angstrom (disambiguation), Adverse effect (medicine), Adam's apple, Adam's apple (disambiguation), ‎Illegal drug trade, Council of Chalcedon, Bithynia, Kadıköy, Antiquity, Bosporus, Strait, Channel, ‎Strait of Dover, Damnation, Near East, Far East, Geographer, Rod, Perm (hairstyle), Perm, Perm (disambiguation), Vex (disambiguation), Discount store, Second Temple, Temple in Jerusalem, Richard Cromwell, Non-renewable resources, Damage deposit, Accommodation,Bed and breakfast, Accommodation (eye), Focus (optics), Egyptian pyramids, Old Kingdom of Egypt, Memphis, Egypt, Nome (Egypt), ‎Cataracts of the Nile, Reproduction (disambiguation), Self-replication, Meme, Analogy, Anna Karenina, ‎Anna Karenina (disambiguation), ‎Cross section (geometry), ‎Space (physics), Space (disambiguation), Physical body, Body (disambiguation), Grid, Middle Kingdom of Egypt, Thebes, Egypt, ‎Western Roman Empire, Ravenna, Ravenna (disambiguation), Public administration, ‎Management, Richard Adams, ‎Shardik, Warren (domestic),Warren, Burrow, Burrow (disambiguation), Burrow (Shropshire), Marilyn (hill), Munro, Topographic prominence, Bond market, ‎Security, Security (disambiguation), Munro (disambiguation), Brave New World (disambiguation), Miranda (Shakespeare), New Kingdom, Upper Egypt, Scrubland, Lower Egypt, Nile Delta, Lotus, Lotus position, Port Said, Food processing, Visual spectrum, Pieter Brueghel the Elder, George Byron, Byron (disambiguation), Greek War of Independence, Fuzûlî, Suleiman the Magnificent, Kālidāsa, Luís de Camões, Epic of Gilgamesh, Coffea, Rubén Darío, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Li Bai, Naguib Mahfouz, Marcel Proust, Varanasi, Munshi Premchand, Steeping, Gluten, Rubiaceae, Gentianales, Gardenia, Frangipani, ‎Religious conversion, Shota Rustaveli, Josè Saramago, Solvation, ‎Household Cavalry, ‎Scenario, Scenario (disambiguation), Wu Cheng'en, Nanjing, Arthur Waley, Oriental Studies, Snorri Sturluson, Heimskringla, Perspective, Perspective (graphical), Graphic arts, Print, Cylinder (engine), Cylinder (disambiguation), New Statesman, Left-wing, Bourgeoisie, Status, Social status, Social class, Wealth, ‎Qualification, Professional certification, Ernst Haeckel, Max Weber, Weimar Constitution, Polymath, Avicenna, Hafiz (Quran), Muhammad ibn Jarir al-Tabari, Max Weber (disambiguation), Max Weber (politician), Max Weber (general), Islamic Golden Age, ‎Ibn al-Haytham, Basra, Hijra, Hijra (Islam), 622, Camera obscura, Camera obscura (disambiguation), Pinhole camera, Shutter, Shutter (photography), ‎Movie projector, Ludwig Wittgenstein, Wittgenstein (disambiguation), Empress Dowager Cixi, Manchu, Concubinage, Mistress (lover), Same-sex marriage, Dual monarchy, Union, Avant-garde, Avant-garde (disambiguation), Innovation, Innovation (disambiguation), Karl Popper, Battle of Tannenberg (1914), Erich Ludendorff, Austro-Hungarian Compromise of 1867, ‎Franz Joseph I of Austria, ‎Franz Ferdinand (disambiguation), Archduke, Whitehall, Whitehall (disambiguation), John A. 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D. 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