Uppsala University

Uppsala University
Uppsala universitet
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The University Hall of Uppsala University
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MottoGratiae veritas naturae (Latin)
Motto in English
Truth through the grace of God and through nature
TypePublic university
BudgetSEK 5.9 billion[1]
Rectrix magnifica and Vice ChancellorProfessor Eva Åkesson[2]
Academic staff
Administrative staff
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Maroon, white
AffiliationsCoimbra Group
Matariki Network of Universities
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Uppsala University is a research university in Uppsala, Sweden, and the oldest university in Scandinavia, founded in 1477.[4] The university rose to importance during the rise of Sweden as a great power at the end of the 16th century and was then given relative financial stability by the large gift from King Gustavus Adolphus in the early 17th century. Uppsala also has an important historical place in Swedish national culture, identity and for the Swedish establishment.

Uppsala belongs to the Coimbra Group of European universities. The university has nine faculties in three 'disciplinary domains'. It has about 20,000 full-time students, and about 2,000 doctoral students. It has a teaching staff of 4,000 (part-time and full-time) out of a total of 6,000 employees.


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