Template:Season navbox


Creates a list of nine links to year spanning articles (such as sporting seasons), centered on a specified year (e.g. that of the current article).


{{Season navbox|centre year|title=Title|prefix=Link prefix_|suffix=_link suffix}}

Note the use of underscores ("_") to force spaces.


{{Season navbox|1997|title=Hurrican seasons|suffix=_hurricane season}}


With links [[1993-94 hurricane season|1993-94]] etc.

As as nested template

This may be used to create a template for a specific series of articles, as per Template:English football seasons:

{{Season navbox|{{{1|{{CURRENTYEAR}}}}}|title=Seasons in English football|suffix=_in English football}}

as the title and prefix/suffix are invariant, so the only parameter required is the year.