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Current event [[{{{current_event}}}]]
Race details
Date {{{date}}}
Region {{{region}}}
English name {{{english}}}
Local name(s) {{{localnames}}}
Nickname(s) {{{nickname}}}
Discipline {{{discipline}}}
Competition {{{competition}}}
Type {{{type}}}
Organiser {{{organiser}}}
Race director {{{director}}}
First edition {{{first}}}
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{{Infobox Cycling race
| name          = 
| current_event =
| image         = 
| date          = 
| region        = 
| english       = 
| localnames    = 
| nickname      = 
| discipline    = 
| competition   = 
| type          = 
| organiser     = 
| director      = 
| first         = 
| number        = 
| last          = 
| firstwinner   = 
| mostwins      = 
| mostrecent    = 


The cycling race infobox provides a standardised quick overview of all types of cycling races. It provides a quick overview of the main details of the race in an easy to view sideframe to the main article proper.


  • {{{name}}} — common name, usually the same as the article title
  • {{{current_event}}} — link to the event's current page, if there is one. Omit the [[]] wikilinks
  • {{{image}}} — ideally a picture of riders in a key or characteristic part of the course
  • {{{date}}} — approximate date, such as mid-October
  • {{{region}}} — area in which the race is held
  • {{{english}}} — name in English
  • {{{localnames}}} — a <br/> delineated list for local names, use {{xx icon}} (where xx is the two letter language code) after the name to indicate language
  • {{{nickname}}} — nickname (if any), if a local nickname then also supply a translation
  • {{{discipline}}} — road/track/cyclo-cross etc. then race, time-trial etc.
  • {{{competition}}} — the wider competition of which the race is part
  • {{{type}}} — for example, one-day or stage race
  • {{{organiser}}} — race organiser
  • {{{director}}} — race director
  • {{{first}}} — year the race was first held
  • {{{number}}} — number of editions
  • {{{last}}} — year of final race edition, not most recent
  • {{{firstwinner}}} — winner of the first edition
  • {{{mostwins}}} — a <br/> delineated list of record winners
  • {{{mostrecent}}} — winner of the most recent edition

Style guide


As per the manual of style entry on linking, years should not be linked as they do not provide much benefit to the user. Linking of other entries is discouraged as most of these links will present themselves in the article's introduction; linking them in the infobox adds clutter and inhibits the speedy retrieval of facts.

Nationality icons

The use of full country templates (for example {{ESP}} making 23x15px Spain) adds a lot of clutter to the box. Instead, use a simple flagicon before names to indicate nationality. So, instead of


The input:

{{Infobox Cycling race
| name          = La Flèche Wallonne
| current_event = 2006 La Flèche Wallonne
| image         = [[Image:Example.png|300px]]<br /><small>The [[Mur de Huy]] climb in the finale of La Flèche Wallonne.</small>
| date          = Late April
| region        = Wallonia, Belgium
| english       = Walloon Arrow
| localnames    = La Flèche Wallonne {{fr icon}}<br />Waalse Pijl {{nl icon}}<br />Wallonischer Pfeil {{de icon}}
| nickname      = 
| discipline    = Road race
| competition   = UCI ProTour
| type          = One-day
| organiser     = ASO
| director      = 
| first         = 1936
| number        = 68
| last          = 
| firstwinner   = {{flagicon|BEL}} Philippe Demeersman
| mostwins      = {{flagicon|BEL}} Marcel Kint<br />{{flagicon|BEL}} Eddy Merckx<br />{{flagicon|ITA}} Moreno Argentin<br>
:''3 times''
| mostrecent    = {{flagicon|ESP}} Alejandro Valverde


La Flèche Wallonne
Current event 2006 La Flèche Wallonne
The Mur de Huy climb in the finale of La Flèche Wallonne.
Race details
Date Late April
Region Wallonia, Belgium
English name Walloon Arrow
Local name(s) La Flèche Wallonne (French)
Waalse Pijl (Dutch)
Wallonischer Pfeil (German)
Discipline Road race
Competition UCI ProTour
Type One-day
Organiser ASO
First edition 1936
Editions 68
First winner BELborder|20px|class=noviewer|baseline|Flagge BEL Philippe Demeersman
Most wins BELborder|20px|class=noviewer|baseline|Flagge BEL Marcel Kint
BELborder|20px|class=noviewer|baseline|Flagge BEL Eddy Merckx
ITAborder|20px|class=noviewer|baseline|Flagge ITA Moreno Argentin
3 times
Most recent ESPborder|20px|class=noviewer|baseline|Flagge ESP Alejandro Valverde