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Manufacturer {{{manufacturer}}}
Designed by {{{designer}}}
First flight {{{first flight}}}
Introduction {{{introduction}}}
Introduced {{{introduced}}}
Retired {{{retired}}}
Status {{{status}}}
Primary user {{{primary user}}}
{{{more users}}}
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Infobox Aircraft

{{Infobox Aircraft}}

This infobox is used to summarize an aircraft's key points. It is not used for dimensions or performance; for that, use {{Aircraft specifications}}.

Only |name=, |type=, and |manufacturer= are required fields. All others are optional, though some have guidelines you should follow to achieve the best, most consistent appearance.

{{Infobox Aircraft
|name           = REQUIRED <!-- avoid stating manufacturer (it's stated 3 lines below) unless name used by other aircraft manufacturers -->
|image          = <!--in the ''Image:filename'' format with no image tags-->
|caption        = <!--Image caption; if it isn't descriptive, please skip-->
|type           = REQUIRED
|national origin = <!-- Use the main nation (ie. UK), not constituent country (England); don't use "EU". List collaborative programs of only 2 or 3 nations; for more than 3, use "Multi-national:. -->
|manufacturer   = REQUIRED
|designer       = <!--Only appropriate for single designers, not project leaders-->
|first flight   = <!--If this hasn't happened, skip this field!-->
|introduction   = <!--Date the aircraft entered or will enter military or revenue service-->
|retired        = <!--Date the aircraft left service. If vague or more than a few dates, skip this -->
|status         = <!--In most cases, redundant; use sparingly-->
|primary user   = <!-- list only one user; for military aircraft, this is a nation or a service arm. Please DON'T add those tiny flags, as they limit horizontal space. -->
|more users     = <!--Limited to three in total; separate using <br> -->
|produced       = <!--Years in production (eg. 1970-1999) if still in active use but no longer built -->
|number built   = 
|program cost   = <!--Total program cost-->
|unit cost      = <!--Incremental or flyaway cost for military or retail price for commercial aircraft-->
|developed from = <!--The aircraft which formed the basis for this aircraft-->
|variants with their own articles = <!--Variants OF this aircraft-->

Please note that if there are more than three other users, only the primary user should be listed. For military aircraft, the "user" is the nation operating the aircraft; if more than one of its service arms used the aircraft, that can be noted in the "Operators" section of the article.


F-117 Nighthawk
Role Stealth bomber
Manufacturer Lockheed Martin
{{Infobox Aircraft
|name = F-117 Nighthawk
|type = [[Stealth aircraft|Stealth bomber]]
|manufacturer = [[Lockheed Martin]]
F-117 Nighthawk
Role Stealth bomber
Manufacturer Lockheed Martin
First flight 18 June 1981
Introduction October 1983
Status Active service
Primary user United States
Number built 54
{{Infobox Aircraft
|name         = F-117 Nighthawk
|type         = [[Stealth aircraft|Stealth bomber]]
|manufacturer = [[Lockheed Martin]]
|image        = Image:Usaf.f117.750pix.jpg
|designer     = 
|first flight = [[18 June]] [[1981]]
|introduction = October [[1983]]
|retired      = 
|number built = 54
|primary user = [[United States]]
|status       = Active service
|unit cost    = 
|variants with their own articles = 
Eurofighter Typhoon
Typhoon T1 of No. 29 Squadron RAF
Role Multirole fighter
Manufacturer Eurofighter GmbH
First flight 27 March 1994
Introduced 2003
Status Operational
Primary users Royal Air Force
Aeronautica Militare Italiana
Ejército del Aire
Number built 127 (as of August 2007)[1]
Developed from British Aerospace EAP
Variants Eurofighter Typhoon variants
{{Infobox Aircraft
|name         = Eurofighter Typhoon
|type         = Multirole fighter
|manufacturer = [[Eurofighter GmbH]]
|image        = Image:Eurofighter Typhoon 2.jpg
|caption      = Typhoon T1 of [[No. 29 Squadron RAF|No. 29 Squadron]] [[Royal Air Force|RAF]]
|designer     = 
|first flight = [[27 March]] [[1994]]
|introduced   = [[2003]]
|retired      = 
|number built = 127 (as of August 2007)<ref>{{cite news |title=Spain Completes Eurofighter Typhoon Tranche 1 Deliveries |url=http://www.eurofighter.com/news/20070813_ST008.asp |publisher=Eurofighter Jagdflugzeug GmbH |date=2007-08-13 |accessdate = 2007-09-06}}</ref>
|primary user = [[Royal Air Force]] <!--on basis UK has ordered most-->
|more users   = [[Luftwaffe]]<br/>[[Aeronautica Militare Italiana]]<br/>[[Spanish Air Force|Ejército del Aire]]
|status       = Operational
|unit cost    = 
|developed from = [[British Aerospace EAP]] 
|variants with their own articles = [[Eurofighter Typhoon variants]]


  1. "Spain Completes Eurofighter Typhoon Tranche 1 Deliveries". Eurofighter Jagdflugzeug GmbH. 2007-08-13. Retrieved 2007-09-06.