Template:Geobox link

Lua error in Module:Effective_protection_level at line 60: attempt to index field 'TitleBlacklist' (a nil value).A simple template to ease manipulation of wikilinked data in the Category:Geobox series of infoboxes. If the first parameter is just a name of an existing page it prints it between [[ and ]] thus creating a wikilink. If the page doesn't exist it prints just the value. The idea behind this is that the author doesn't need to wrap text between [[ and ]] if they want a the link to have the page name. However, if they want a link pointing to another page, it enables the use the standard wiki syntax, i.e. [[page | text to display ]]. Furthermore, some text can be prepended or appended to the linked value (parameters 2 and 3). If a fourth parameter is set, this functionality is switched off.

This is a supportive template for various infoboxes from the Category:Geobox series, not intended to be used on its own. Please, see the instructions there.