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Produces a year, decade, century or millennium for use in an infobox or navbox.

First parameter is y, d, c, m, depending on what is being input.

Second parameter is y, d, c, m, depending on what is to be output.

Third parameter is the input number. For example, 1 represents the year 1, the 10s, the 1st century or the 1st millennium (depending on the first parameter). For BC, make the number negative (for the decade 0s BC, use -0).

Fourth parameter is an offset from the output value. Notice that the output decade/century/millennium is the (first) decade/century/millennium of the input year/decade/century/millennium, but an output year is the second year of an input decade/century/millennium.

Fifth parameter contains style options. Normally the item is linked iff it is within the range for which Wikipedia has articles (to configure that range, please edit {{dr-make}}). The following options are available:

  • y = always link
  • n = never link
  • t = never link, and does not use no-break spaces or other formatting (e.g. for use in category names)
  • s = small letters for BC (or AD if present)
  • a = use AD if not BC
  • ys, ysa, ya, ns, nsa, na, sa = permitted combinations of the above

Example: {{dr|c|d|-5|3|s}} produces 460s BC, i.e. first decade of the 5th century BC, offset by +3 decades.