Because the pages for years are not updated regularly, a method is needed to help provide the best information we have available. Most often, the births and deaths categories are fairly up to date (where the article has the correct information to be used to categorize them). Because of this, the categories usually serve as a better source of information on who was born or died in a specific year. These templates are used to include a link on a page to the birth and death categories for specific years. They will only show on the pages if the category exists. There are 2 versions of both the births and deaths templates. Each version has a specific use.

These are most likely to be used on articles for years which should have a heading for a list of people who were born and died that year. These templates should not be substituted.

All versions of the templates have the same usage:

{{ template name | year }}

The year parameter is only needed if the link needed is to a page other than the one it is one. As these templates were designed to be added to specific year pages, they default to the page name (the year the page is about). For example, on the page 1688, only {{Births1}} would be needed to link to the births for the year 1688.

Version 1

The main versions ({{Births}} and {{Deaths}}) are for use on pages where no sections exist for the listing. (i.e. there is no heading for Births already on the page nor any listings of births which would need one) This version includes the header for the grouping which is also hidden if there is no category which requires it on the page. If there is no category, there will be no heading on the page for the group nor a link to that category. Once the category is created, the header and link will then be shown on the page. This can be used with a page which includes a list of people already and will work fine if the category already exists, but it is often better to use the second version if a list already is on the page. The header created this way does not have a link to edit that section.


{{ Deaths | 1983 }} creates:


for more information, see Category:1983 deaths.

Version 2

The second versions ({{Births2}} and {{Deaths2}}) operate the same as the first, but do not include the heading. These should be used on pages which already have a heading section (or have a list of people already - a heading section should be added to the page directly). This template only adds a link to a specific birth or death category.


{{ Births2 | 1983 }} creates:

for more information, see Category:1983 births.