Billboard magazine indexes the artists on their website by a number called the artist ID. Each individual artist has a single identification number through which all chart history can be tracked form inside and outside the website. This number is permanent, and is needed when using the templates {{Singlechart}} and {{Albumchart}} on Wikipedia.

This template is very useful because if an artistid is suddenly changed, all articles using the old id wouldn't need a modification to fix the problem. Instead, the number will be fixed on the template. Also, it provides a more easy use of the {{Singlechart}} and {{Albumchart}} templates, and a user who is not familiar with the Billboard website can add chart peaks on an easy way without the need of an embarrassing search for the artist ID on the website.

The following template compiles the artists and their respective IDs, and provides the ID when called with a supported artist's name. It is an incomplete list (as of 21 June 2016 it includes 260 artists) and anyone can help adding or asking missing IDs to it. Editors who edit the template are requested to maintain the entries in alphabetical order. If in doubt, please leave a comment on the template's talk page.


Copy and paste one of the following onto the {{Singlechart}} or {{Albumchart}} templates when calling a Billboard chart, replacing Artistname with the artist whom chart history you are consulting:

  • {{BillboardID|Artistname}}
  • {{BillboardID|}}

Alternately, it can also be written:

  • {{BBID|Artistname}}
  • {{BBID|}}


The template might be used the following way: On the {{Singlechart}} or {{Albumchart}}, when calling Billboard charts, do the next:

  • Usually, those templates might be called like this:
  • {{albumchart|Billboard200|10|artist=Gotye|artistid=619936|accessdate=2 June 2012}}
  • {{singlechart|Billboardhot100|1|artist=Gotye|artistid=619936|accessdate=2 June 2012}}
  • Instead, using this template, it might be called like this:
  • {{albumchart|Billboard200|10|artist=Gotye|artistid={{BillboardID|Gotye}}|accessdate=2 June 2012}}
  • {{singlechart|Billboardhot100|1|artist=Gotye|artistid={{BillboardID|Gotye}}|accessdate=2 June 2012}}
  • As an example (using the template):
Chart Peak
US Billboard Hot 100[1] 1
Chart Peak
US Billboard 200[2] 10
  1. "[[[:Template:BillboardURL]] Gotye Album & Song Chart History"] Billboard Hot 100 for Gotye. Prometheus Global Media. Retrieved 2 June 2012.
  2. "Gotye Album & Song Chart History" Billboard 200 for Gotye. Prometheus Global Media. Retrieved 2 June 2012.

Maintenance categories

To help maintain music articles, this template will automatically categorize articles that call it based on the parameters used in the reference.

BillboardID category

Category:Articles using BillboardID contains all articles that make use of the template.

BillboardID errors

Category:BillboardID errors contains all articles which call the template with an unrecognised artist parameter.

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