This template is a quick and easy way to insert smilies icons (expression icons based on the smiley face) The template takes a number as the only parameter, and displays a smiley icon. If no number is used, the basic happy face smiley icon is displayed.

Parameters, their name and output display

parameter produces parameter produces
1, smile 18px 2, sad, frown 18px
3, wink 18px 4, blush 18px
5, grin 18px 6, surprise 18px
7, tongue 18px 8, confused 18px
9, shade, shades 18px 10, cry, crying, tears 18px
11, lightbulb, idea 18px 12, wink2 18px
13, wink3 18px 14, big-grin, biggrin 18px
15, devil-grin, devil, evil 18px 16, kiss 18px
17, smirk 18px 18, big-cry, bigcry, sob 18px
19, glasses, nerd 18px 20, angel 18px
21, ttth 18px 22, awesome 18px
23, vsmile 18px 24, dp, dontpanic 18px