Tando Soomaro

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Tando Soomro
Tando Soomaro is located in the north-west of the district.
Tando Soomaro is located in
the north-west of the district.
Country23x15px Pakistan
DistrictTando Allahyar
TehsilJhando Mari
 • Naib NazimIMAM ALI[1]
 • Total51,845[1]

Tando Soomro, or Tando Soomaro, is a village and Union Council of Tando Allahyar District in the Sindh province of Pakistan.[1] Tando Soomro lies 7 km to the north-west of the district capital - Tando Allahyar at 25°31'60N 68°40'60E.[2]


File:Tando Soomaro Sub Div.svg
Administrative subdivisions of Tando Soomaro, the names of the neighbouring Union Councils are also shown.


Tando Soomro has many different communities or ‘Zaats’. There are two main communities in Tando Soomro: Nizamanis and Khaskhalis. There are also Maachhis, Bhayas, Narayjaas, Gurati Hindus, Dayaas, Syeds or Shah, Mirzas, Manganhars, Menghwaars, Koriyaa & Pashtuns, Wadhaas, Shiekh or Khatis, Shoraas, Brohis, Pakhiara or Kihaas and Mirjats. The number of non-Muslims is 16,786, or 32% of the population[1] which is significantly higher than the national average of 4%.[3]


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