Talk:Islamic world

Some notes about this:

Since about one-third of Simple English Users will actually be Muslims, it is quite important to present this subject from a generally sympathetic point of view. They aren't going to read it, or believe anything else in the Simple English Wikipedia, if it reads like Fox News. What counts as "neutral" or "balanced" or "fair" to those who see only English-speaking media is not what will be seen that way by those who see only Al Jazeera. The best we can do is to state facts and neutralize by stating counter-facts. And getting all the terminology exactly right, so we look like we are not writing propaganda.

Which we aren't. This article seems quite fair and balanced right now. If you want to change it, be careful - you would be well advised to read the sources above, and all the references.

Among other things, representing Muslims in a biased or bigoted way tends to get them very very angry. Let's not do that!