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This is another one of those "almost too complex to discuss here" pages that will stretch the limits of what Simple English is. As required by Simple English Staging the linked titles are ones that would be, or are already, used in Full English, and words not in Simple English (like "heroic" or "filial" or "piety" or "worship") are only part of titles, so the articles can put the word in context.

This article also sort of belongs as the last article in several Simple English Readings, it could be last in Simple English Reading In Life Choices,Simple English Reading in Medicine, and Simple English Reading in Religion, and also even perhaps Simple English Reading in History as living memory, oral tradition and social history are noted at the end of this article as very much hinging on memories shared by cohorts/generations.

If it is also the last reading in Simple English Reading in Law, Simple English Reading in Ethics and Simple English Reading in Cosmology then we can actually say this is the most complex and "final" article in Simple English Wikipedia. When you can fully read and comprehend this one, you're "done" here.

Presumably, if Simple English is all one masters of the English language in your life, you are now ready to die having learned all we can tell you about it...!

  • Wowza this page article is messed up big time. --Stoppingisgood (talk) 21:05, 2 March 2010 (UTC)

too much murder

Murder, including mass killings, gets an odd amount of attention in this article. In may modern environments, the US, for example, suicide is more common than murder, yet there is no mention of suicide and a lot about murder. The whole section on mass murder/cover ups of murder can be moved to the homicide page. Famine is just as common and relevant a mass death as mass murder, certainly. (talk) 18:16, 10 April 2012 (UTC)