Um, can we separate discussion of vegan and vegetarian food, which is a neutral categorization of a cuisine in each case, from veganism and vegetarianism, which is a complex ideology involving morality and health assumptions?

oh, of course

Likewise we can talk about kosher or halal food as cuisines without bringing up all the reasons why Judaism or Islam restrict certain foods or food combinations.

Also isn't using sausage as the only example of a food, kind of Eurocentric?  ;-)

I thought it fun :-) No seriously, this is because I saw someone wrote an article on it :-)

One thing we should mention is that only in English is it common to have a different name for a food than for the creature, like beef, pork, venison, mutton, veal. Of course fish, chicken and lamb we call the same as the creature, which is the standard in almost all languages.

yup, true. Very important; I am still myself confused with this. I never remember wether I eat pork or pig...

Cookbook (Wiki-textbook) has some more stuff worth listing.

Good wikipedia articles to consult include Slow Food, diet and nutrition, protein, fat, carbohydrate, salt and food safety.

Also tell them to wash their hands - this is the number one thing that will improve world health, according to the experts.

Hands and veggies. And not to eat raw meat. And to boil water (if energy resources are enough to do so -> Drink the water from rice cooking, rather than pure water for example). Three main points.
  • There's a theory that part of the reason that tea became popular is that it is tasty boiled (safe) water. --

As everybody knows, I like to keep things very Simple. I tried a new intro here. It's certainly ok with me to merge in things from the previous version. --

obviously, you are one supporting that simple is written for kids. That is one opinion. Mine is different. I would also like to write for adults, with a reasonable level of knowledge. Could we agree that an article is made first of a kid version, quite a short one, then followed by one for adult people ? I do not think I can assume so simplified versions :-(

Hi, Anthere. I think the idea of beginning the articles with a very simple section, followed by more complex things is a good one.

But one problem I'm having is that at this point, we don't have a very good idea of what words and how many different words our Simple English Wikipedia is going to use. We seem to think we need more than the 850 words in Basic English. 1500 words? 3000 words? Where should we draw the line? Until we have a better idea, I'm trying to keep my writing very simple. It will be easier to make things more "complex" later.

Also, I don't know about saying "kid" version versus "adult" version. Some kids have a better education and understand things better than some adults.

For this article Food, I said here in Talk that I don't have any problem with including the more "complex" things from the other version. Or maybe we won't decide to use the "simple" version I wrote. --

funny article

When the heavy metal link opened, it was about heavy metal music, not heavy metal.Coffsneeze 21:44, 1 April 2007 (UTC)

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Popular Culture?

I think we can all agree the popular culture section can be removed, since food pop culture is in every movie with food in it