Talk:Erwin Rommel


This is not a detailed review, just comments from a quick read through.

  • There are lots of words and phrases that are not simple; such as conspirators, entourage, prominent, dignitary, martyr, perturbed etc. We really need to go through the article carefully.
  • Many important parts are not referenced. An article of this size I would think should have 40+ refs.
  • Existing refs are incomplete, lack info such as ISBNs and page numbers, some do not have titles eg Hart
  • North Africa section is a bit short - three lines. If this is where he became famous, then it needs a lot of expansion.
  • Some words and phrases are used, but even though they are linked, should have some more explanation in the text. For example this sentence: "Also, during the construction of the Atlantic Wall, Rommel directed that French workers were not to be used as slaves but were to be paid for their labour."
  • More links needed, especially to events. It will probably mean the creation of quite a few stubs.
  • Some sentences are too long eg: "Young Erwin thought about being an engineer and he showed a talent with technical work; however, because of his father, young Rommel joined the local 124th Württemberg Infantry Regiment as an officer cadet in 1910 and, shortly after, was sent to the Officer Cadet School in Danzig."

Rommel is worth improving, so lets do some work on it and see how it looks at the start of August. --Peterdownunder (talk) 13:10, 1 July 2011 (UTC)