Have edited some statements which are arguable about celts in Devon. Things like the DNA test, there were no tests actually done in devon so this statement was not true, the values were found by assuming that there was a linear variation between the cornwall sites and the next. Also one statement that the britons and saxons lived peacefully is extremely doubtful and although a backup is provided I cuold list many against this including one which apparently refers to exeter being ethnically cleansed of what is referred to as'that filthy race'. Hopefully it should now not say much either way, as this area is debatable. There are a few people in devon at the moment overly keen to emphasise the extent of celtic influence in devon, one must remember that the celts once occupied all of britain and that the influenced to some extent all of england. And given devons close proximity to Cornwall one would expect the occasional bt of influence from there. However I think the article now reads more realistically. (WPM)