"Many anime shows have fantasy, action and superhero themes to them" I really don't think this needs to be mentioned. I mean, sure, there are a lot of anime with fantasy/sci-fi themes, but it's really not any more or less than what you'd see in Hollywood movies. If listing genres is really necessary (which I don't think it is at all), then comedies, dramas, mysteries, romances, "Slice of Life"s, and sports series also deserve to be mentioned.

"...and feature characters with strange hair and big eyes." A general stereotype about anime, and while it is applicable in many cases this isn't a solid fact and should not be mentioned in the article. There are tons of anime out there with normal-sized eyes and realistic hair colors. Crying Freeman, Great Teacher Onizuka and Zipang, anyone?

"...has been made in Japan since about the end of World War I" Not true at all, actually. Although at the time it was mostly created by individual film hobbyists rather than big-budget animation companies, anime has been made since the very early 1900s. In fact, what is assumed to be the very first anime was created in only 1907. (It was only recently discovered in 2005, I believe. If my memory serves me right, an English translation of the title would be “Moving Pictures.”)

Complete Rework

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