Talk:Alex Salmond


I note some errors in the article caused by lack of knowledge, in particular of Britain.

1. Salmond's birthplace is given as 'Scotland' when this should be 'United Kingdom'. That's like listing every American's birthplace by state only.

2. His nationality is given as 'Scottish'. This doesn't exist. His nationality is British. That's what he's always kicking about.

3. The article says he stood down at the general election. Britain is a democracy. It should say he didn't stand at the election.

4. His occupation is 'politician' not economist.

5. The first minister of/for Scotland is surely the prime minister. Salmond is only the first minister of the Scottish parliament.

The article itself contradicts these points.

First Minister of Scotland is the name of the position Salmond holds as head of the Scottish Parliament. Jim Michael (talk) 00:44, 7 August 2013 (UTC)