Spider-Man (movie)

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Directed bySam Raimi
Produced byLaura Ziskin
Ian Bryce
Written byComic Book:
Stan Lee
Steve Ditko
David Koepp
Alvin Sargent
StarringTobey Maguire
Willem Dafoe
Kirsten Dunst
James Franco
Cliff Robertson
Rosemary Harris
Music byDanny Elfman
CinematographyDon Burgess
Edited byArthur Coburn
Bob Murawski
Marvel Enterprises
Laura Ziskin Productions
Distributed byColumbia Pictures
Release date
May 3, 2002
Running time
121 minutes
CountryUnited States
BudgetUS$139 million
Box office$821,708,551 [1]

Spider-Man is an American 2002 superhero movie. It was made from the story of the Marvel Comics superhero, Spider-Man. It was the first in the Spider-Man movie series. It was written by David Koepp and directed by Sam Raimi. Tobey Maguire starred as Peter Parker / Spider-Man. Kirsten Dunst played the girl Peter loves, Mary Jane Watson, and Willem Dafoe played the bad guy, Norman Osborn.


At the start of the movie, Peter Parker, a very smart teenager, is accidentally bitten by a spider that had been mutated (changed) in a science study. This allows him to climb up walls, make spider webs come from his wrists, jump high, move fast and become very strong. Peter lives with his aunt and uncle. His Uncle Ben teaches him that "with great power becomes great responsibility." He uses these powers to win a wrestling competition. However, he does not get paid what he thought he would get paid. A criminal steals a lot of money from the cashier and runs off. Peter does not try to catch the criminal, as revenge for not getting paid as much as he wanted to be. The criminal then steals Ben's car and Ben dies. From then on, Peter becomes Spider-Man and vows to fight crime, using Ben's words to their fullest.

Meanwhile, Peter's friend Harry's father is in trouble. Norman is the CEO or head of his own company, but the executive board kicks him off. He tests a new kind of formula and becomes the Green Goblin. Norman also has a device that lets him fly around. Spider-Man and the Green Goblin begin to fight in various places. During a fire at a building, the Green Goblin uses his voice and pretends to be someone trapped. When Spider-Man goes to rescue the person, he finds the Green Goblin. During the fight, Spider-Man's arm is cut. Peter, Norman, Harry, Peter's friend Mary Jane Watson, and Peter's aunt then meet at Peter's apartment for Thanksgiving. Norman notices Peter's cut on his arm and realizes that Peter Parker is Spider-Man.

Norman then starts planning to hurt Peter. He scares Peter's grandmother so badly that she has to go to the hospital. There, Peter realizes that the Green Goblin knows that he likes Mary Jane Watson, so he calls her up, but the Green Goblin has already taken her. Spider-Man goes out to a bridge in New York. The Green Goblin has Mary Jane in one arm and a group of kids in a bus on the other hand. He wants Spider-Man to fail at doing something – to choose between the person he loves and innocent civilians. He then drops both at once. Spider-Man grabs Mary Jane first and uses his webbing to save the kids. The Green Goblin is angry and attacks Spider-Man. A bunch of New York people start to throw trash and knock the Green Goblin off balance.

The Green Goblin then grabs Peter and they start to fight inside an abandoned building. The fight is very violent and Spider-Mans starts to bleed. Finally, after Spider-Man knocks the Green Goblin down, the Green Goblin says that he is Norman Osborn. Spider-Man is very surprised. Norman then distracts Peter and talks to him as he tries to get his flying device to move and to kill Peter. Spider-Man ducks at the last second and the flying device impales Norman, killing him. Dying, Norman asks Peter not to tell Harry that he was the Green Goblin.

The last scene is at a cemetery for the funeral of Norman. During the ceremony, Harry tells Peter that he swears that Spider-Man will die because Spider-Man killed his father. Mary Jane implies that she loves Peter, but Peter tells her that he will always be a friend and be there for her, and that is all he can give to her.


After the movie was kept from being made for almost 25 years, it was shown in theaters on May 3, 2002. Critics liked it a lot and it broke many movie records. It made more money than any other movie in the year 2002. As of late 2007, Spider-Man is the seventh highest grossing movie in the United States and 17th highest world wide.[1] It made enough money and two sequels have been made, Spider-Man 2 (2004) and Spider-Man 3 (2007).


Release Dates

Country Premiere
23x15px Kazakhstan 1 May 2002
23x15px Russia 1 May 2002
23x15px Yugoslavia 2 May 2002
23x15px Canada 3 May 2002
23x15px Estonia 3 May 2002
23x15px Hong Kong 3 May 2002
23x15px Croatia 3 May 2002
23x15px Iceland 3 May 2002
23x15px Jordan 3 May 2002
23x15px South Korea 3 May 2002
23x15px Lebanon 3 May 2002
23x15px Lithuania 3 May 2002
23x15px Latvia 3 May 2002
23x15px Malaysia 3 May 2002
23x15px Philippines 3 May 2002
23x15px Serbia 3 May 2002
23x15px Singapore 3 May 2002
23x15px Slovenia 3 May 2002
23x15px Thailand 3 May 2002
23x15px Taiwan 3 May 2002
23x15px United States 3 May 2002
23x15px Greece 5 May 2002
23x15px South Africa 10 May 2002
23x15px Japan 11 May 2002
Template:BAR 15 May 2002
23x15px Venezuela 15 May 2002
23x15px Argentina 16 May 2002
23x15px Bolivia 16 May 2002
23x15px Chile 16 May 2002
23x15px Israel 16 May 2002
23x15px Peru 16 May 2002
23x15px Brazil 17 May 2002
23x15px Ecuador 17 May 2002
23x15px Kenya 17 May 2002
23x15px Mexico 17 May 2002
23x15px Panama 17 May 2002
23x15px Uruguay 17 May 2002
23x15px Indonesia 22 May 2002
23x15px Jamaica 22 May 2002
23x15px India 24 May 2002
23x15px Sri Lanka 24 May 2002
23x15px Armenia 30 May 2002
23x15px Colombia 31 May 2002
23x15px Kuwait 4 June 2002
23x16px  Switzerland 5 June 2002 (French speaking region)
23x15px Oman 5 June 2002
23x15px Qatar 5 June 2002
23x15px Austria 6 June 2002
23x15px Australia 6 June 2002
23x16px  Switzerland 6 June 2002 (German speaking region)
23x15px Czech Republic 6 June 2002
23x15px Germany 6 June 2002
23x15px New Zealand 6 June 2002
23x15px Slovakia 6 June 2002
23x15px Italy 7 June 2002
23x15px Romania 7 June 2002
23x15px Egypt 12 June 2002
23x15px France 12 June 2002
23x15px Hungary 13 June 2002
23x15px United Kingdom 14 June 2002
23x15px Ireland 14 June 2002
23x15px Turkey 14 June 2002
23x15px Spain 21 June 2002
23x15px Poland 21 June 2002
23x15px Portugal 21 June 2002
23x15px Sweden 23 June 2002
23x15px Belgium 26 June 2002
23x15px Denmark 26 June 2002
23x15px Finland 28 June 2002
23x15px Norway 28 June 2002
23x15px Netherlands 4 July 2002
23x15px Bulgaria 5 July 2002
23x15px China 7 August 2002


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