Sabaton at The Garage in London, 2009
Background information
OriginFalun, Sweden
GenresPower metal, heavy metal
Years active1999 - Present
LabelsUnderground Symphony, Black Lodge, Nuclear Blast
Joakim Brodén
Oskar Montelius
Daniel Mullback
Daniel Mÿhr
Rikard Sundén
Pär Sundström
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Sabaton is a Swedish power metal band. It was formed in 1999. Sabaton have released 6 albums: Metalizer from 2000, Primo Victoria from 2004, Attero Dominatus from 2005, The Art of War from 2008, Coat of Arms from 2010, and Carolus Rex from 2012. Their lyrics are based on wars and battles, especially World War 2. They sing in both Swedish and English.


  • Joakim Brodén — vocals (1999–today), keyboards (1999–2005, 2012–today)
  • Pär Sundström — bass (1999–today), backing vocals (2012–today)
  • Chris Rörland — guitar, backing vocals (2012–today)
  • Thobbe Englund — guitar, backing vocals (2012–today)
  • Robban Bäck — drums (2012–today; on hiatus)

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