Ross Perot

File:Ross Perot.jpg
Perot in 2008

Henry Ross Perot (born June 27, 1930) is an American businessman. He founded Electronic Data Systems in 1962. He is also known for running for president in 1992 and in 1996. Both times he lost to Bill Clinton. Perot has about 3.5 billion dollars.[1] In 2012, he is ranked by Forbes as the 101st-richest person in the United States.[1]

Perot was born on June 27, 1930 in Texarkana, Texas.[2] He studied at Texas High School, at Texarkana Junior College and at the United States Naval Academy. Perot married Margot Birmingham in 1956. They have five children and 16 grandchildren. In 2012, Perot endorsed Mitt Romney for President.[3]


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