Riddler (comics)

The Riddler (Dr. Edward Nigma) is a fictional Batman character who appears in comic books by DC Comics. He leaves Batman all of his best riddles to help Batman know were he will strike next or what he will do. He wears a green suit with a big purple question mark on it. He sometimes wear a hat also with a question mark.

Riddler first appeared in "Detective Comics" #140 October 1948 en:File:Detective140.JPG" [1]

He was voiced by John Glover in Batman: The Animated Series. He was also voiced by Robert Englund in The Batman. He was played by Jim Carrey in Batman Forever. Conan O'Brien voices him in the 2017 movie The Lego Batman Movie.


  1. Note the Riddler Puzzle Cage seen on the comic Book Cover was used in "Batman" TV episode "A Riddling Controversary"