Potassium perchlorate

File:Perclorato de Potássio.jpg
A crystal of potassium perchlorate

Potassium perchlorate is a chemical compound. Its chemical formula is KClO4. It contains potassium and perchlorate ions.


Potassium perchlorate is a colorless crystalline solid. It dissolves in water only a little. It is an oxidizing agent. It can react with glucose to make carbon dioxide, potassium chloride, and water. It can be mixed with sulfur, while potassium chlorate cannot safely be mixed.


It is made by reacting potassium chloride with sodium perchlorate. This makes the potassium perchlorate crystals.


It is used as a rocket propellant. It can also be used in fireworks and other explosives. Ammonium perchlorate is used more, though.

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