Pope Benedict XIII

Benedict XIII
File:Benedict XIII.jpg
Papacy began29 May 1724
Papacy ended21 February 1730
PredecessorPope Innocent XIII
SuccessorPope Clement XII
Personal details
Birth namePietro Francesco Orsini
BornTemplate:Birth date
Gravina in Puglia
Died21 February 1730(1730-02-21) (aged 81)
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Pope Benedict XIII (Lua error in package.lua at line 80: module 'Module:Language/data/iana scripts' not found.; 2 February 1649 – 21 February 1730), born Pietro Francesco Orsini, later Friar Vincenzo Maria Orsini, O.P., was an Italian priest of the Roman Catholic Church and the 246th Pope from 1724 until his death in 1730.[1] He was the third and last member of the Orsini family to be a pope.[2]

Early life

He was born in Gravina in Puglia near Naples. He was the son of Ferdinando III Orsini, Duke of Gravina.[2]

In 1667, Orsini entered the Dominican Order. As a monk, his name was Vincent Maria.[3]


Pope Clement X raised the monk to the rank of Cardinal of San Sisto on 22 February 1672.[2]

In 1675, he was made Bishop of Manfredonia.[2]

In 1686, he was made Archbishop of Benevento.[4]


Cardinal Orsini was elected pope on May 28, 1724;[3] and he chose to be called Benedict XIII.[5]

Pope Benedict was involved in Italian and European political disputes.[2]

In 1727, he ordered construction of the famous Spanish Steps in Rome.

In 1729, the pope helped bring about the Treaty of Seville between Great Britain, France, and Spain.[6]

After his death

Benedict was buried in a tomb in Santa Maria sopra Minerva completed by Pietro Bracci and others.

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File:C o a Benedetto XIII.svg
The Coat of Arms of Benedict XIII
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