Pope Benedict V

Benedict V
File:Pope Benedict V Illustration.jpg
Papacy beganMay 14 964
Papacy endedJune 23 964
PredecessorPope John XII
SuccessorPope Leo VIII
Personal details
Birth nameBenedetto
Died(965-07-04)July 4, 965
Hamburg, Germany
Other Popes named Benedict
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Pope Benedict V (Lua error in package.lua at line 80: module 'Module:Language/data/iana scripts' not found.;   -died July 4, 965), was an Italian deacon of the Roman Catholic Church and the 133rd Pope for a five weeks in 964.[1]

Benedict was known as Grammaticus because of his learning.[2]


After the death of Pope John XII, Cardinal Benedetto was elected pope by the Romans in 964; but the Holy Roman Emperor, Otto I, did not approve.[3] Otto deposed Benedict who was then exiled.[4]

Otto forced Benedict to travel to Germany where he was placed under the care of Adaldag, Archbishop of Hamburg-Bremen.[2]

After his death

Benedict was buried in the cathedral in Hamburg. Later, his remains were transferred to Rome.[2]

Although his status was questioned during his lifetime, Benedict V is considered to part of the traditional list of popes.[5]

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