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Polygons: open (excluding its boundary), boundary only (excluding interior), closed (including both boundary and interior), and self-intersecting

A polygon is a closed two-dimensional shape. It is a simple curve that is made up of straight line segments. It usually has three sides/corners or more.

It could also be referred to as 'A closed plane figure bound by three or more straight line segments'. It has a number of edges. These edges are connected by lines. A square is a polygon because it has four sides. The smallest possible polygon in a Euclidean geometry or "flat geometry" is the triangle, but on a sphere, there can be a digon. The henagon is a theoretical figure that cannot exist - it has only one side and one edge.

If the edges (lines of the polygon) do not intersect (cross each other), the polygon is called simple, otherwise it is complex.

In computer graphics, polygons (especially triangles) are often used to make graphics.


List of polygons