Offenbach (district)

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Offenbach Rural District (Lankreis Offenbach)
Country23x15px Germany
Adm. regionDarmstadt
 • TotalTemplate:Infobox settlement/metric
 • Total336.818
Time zoneUTC+1 (CET)
 • Summer (DST)UTC+2 (CEST)
Vehicle registrationOF

Offenbach Rural District is a rural district (Lua error in package.lua at line 80: module 'Module:Language/data/iana scripts' not found.) in the south of Hesse, Germany. It is a part of the Darmstadt Government Region (Lua error in package.lua at line 80: module 'Module:Language/data/iana scripts' not found.).


File:Lage von Rodgau.png
The cities of the Offenbach Rural Distirct are in the middle of the Rhine Main area.

The Offenbach Rural District is in the middle of the Rhine Main area in the south of the state of Hesse. The district is in the metropolitan area of Frankfurt. In the east it touches the state of Bavaria.

The whole area of the district is 356.29 km2 large and it is about 100 – 150 m above sea level.[1] It is a mostly plain area with only a few hills. The district is southwest of the river Main. The municipalities Mainhausen and Hainburg and the cities Seligenstadt and Mühlheim are near the river.

There are two creeks, the Rodau and the Bieber running from south to north through the district. They are flowing to the river Main.

About 35 to 20 million years ago in the age of tertiary the whole region was lying under sea level. At that time it was covered by an ocean which was warm and not very deep. Lots of sediments sank to its bottom. Then the region rose again and the water left, leaving soil which is mostly sandy and poor.

The district has 336,818 inhabitants (2008).[2] The climate of the area is mild. There is less rain than in other parts of Germany.

Towns and municipalities

File:Municipalities in OF (district).svg
Cities and municipalities in the Offenbach Rural District.

Since 1977 the Offenbach Rural District has 10 cities and 3 independent villages. In the year 2002 Dietzenbach became the capital of the district. The city of Offenbach is not a part of the district.

Towns Municipalities
  1. Dietzenbach
  2. Dreieich
  3. Heusenstamm
  4. Langen
  5. Mühlheim
  1. Neu-Isenburg
  2. Obertshausen
  3. Rodgau
  4. Rödermark
  5. Seligenstadt
  1. Egelsbach
  2. Hainburg
  3. Mainhausen


The neighbouring cities and rural districts of the Offenbach Rural District are the following:


In the year 1832 the Offenbach Rural District was founded. The capital was Offenbach. In 1938 the city of Offenbach became an independent urban district, but the rural district administration still was in Offenbach. In 2002 the capital changed and now Dietzenbach is the new capital of the Offenbach Rural District.


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