Nature (journal)

Nature, first published on 4 November 1869,[1] is the world's most cited scientific journal.[2] It is also the longest continuously published scientific weekly.

Most scientific journals are now highly specialized. Nature is one of the few journals which still publish original research articles across the whole range of science.[3] Important new advances and original scientific research is published as articles or letters in Nature. Surveys and reviews of important research fields are also published.

Research scientists are the primary audience for the journal, but the readership includes many others who are interested in science. Therefore, articles are written and edited to make them understandable to scientists in other fields and the educated general public.

Towards the front of each issue are editorials, news and feature articles on issues of general interest to scientist. Topics include current affairs, science funding, business, scientific ethics and research breakthroughs. There are also sections on books and arts. Because of limits on the length of articles, often the printed text is a summary of the work in question. Details may be put in supplementary material on the journal's website.

Nature has spun off a series of more specialised journals which publish longer, more technical articles which would be unsuitable for Nature's wider readership.


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